Lemon Haze from Saddleback Organics medical marijuana review



After getting off work this afternoon, I decided to swing by a new Santa Ana dispensary that I’ve seen advertised around.  Saddleback Organics is a bit of a hole in the wall just off S. Grand Ave.  Over the last year, I’ve been to many different types of dispensaries, and one of the first lessons I learned was not to judge the book by its tiny waiting room or dark display case.  I went with a split eighth between an indica and sativa.  When asked to see the top sativas, the first jar the budista brought out was Lemon Haze.  Under Saddleback Organic’s dark lighting, it didn’t look like much.  However, many of the other jars were full of popcorn buds, shake, and heavy lumber.  I almost decided against getting a sativa at all, but I usually love my lemon strains and the smell spoke of a fine example.  Reluctantly, I made my donation and left, not entirely looking forward to sampling my pickup.

Once home, I was pleasantly surprised.  Under some natural light, the whole bud took on an absolute sheen.  Under LEDs, they sparkled.  There was the Lemon Haze I know and love, though I have had it in the past under a different name.  Where was the super?  I have reviewed in the past an amazing Super Lemon Haze from the now closed SCPC in Garden Grove.  Would this Clark Kent without its super live up?  Or would I be able to see through the glasses?

Upon first inspection, this strain has all the characteristics of Lemon Haze, super or not.  The smell is outrageously lemony.  It is a very sweet smell, with a slight chemical follow.  People often compare it to a lemon hand sanitizer, but I feel that overplays the sharpness.  I’ve had Super Lemon Haze when it is zestier and even sweeter, which covers up the follow.  The taste is parallel to the smell.  Like a lemon candy, the smoke is light and flavorful.  I cleaned my pipe very thoroughly before I reviewed this strain, just so I could get as pure a sense of the flavor as possible.  If you ever have a brand new piece you want to break in, this is the strain to do it with.  The buds are digit sized and incredibly sticky.  The budtender ripped the buds apart to get them in the smaller pop top jar, which I was none too pleased about, but when it came time to take the picture for this post, I simply “glued” a nugget back together again with its own stickiness.  I typically use a grinder when handling this strain, but every so often, I will break up a bowl by hand just to get the tack and smell on my fingers.  When smoked, this harvest has a harshness in the throat both during the inhale and exhale and a tickle in the lungs in between.  It isn’t entirely off-putting, and I became used to it quickly.

Lemon Haze is a startlingly productive and energetic high.  It is wonderfully sativa in its effects and gets you going right away.  I was able to accomplish way more while using this strain than I could have with just a cup of joe.  Take that anti-drug commercials.  A great daytime high, the anti-anxiety and social quality is perfect for those who have a hard time working with others, as it eases interpersonal communication.  It is also creative and thoughtful, meaning that group projects can be taken in surprising new directions.  Have the day off?  Lemon Haze will get you out of your house.  Errands to run?  Fun to have?  You’ll do both with a smile.

In the end, Lemon Haze from Saddleback Organics was worth the donation.  I was pleased, since I wasn’t expecting much.  Sometimes the hole in the wall places surprise you.  Not all the jars looked as good, but if you are looking for a nice uplifting sativa, this one is worth the trip.

$45/ eighth

Saddleback Organics

1320 E. Saint Andrew Place,  suite G

Santa Ana, Ca