Sour Sage from OCPC medical marijuana review



Sour Sage, often listed as Sage n’ Sour, is a combination of two potent sativa expressive hybrids, Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E.  As we saw in a previous review, Sour Diesel is much like sex.  Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.  Mixing with this euphoric sativa is S.A.G.E. (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equillibrium).  S.A.G.E was bred to be the perfect 50/50 hybrid.  I feel a bit dirty messing with perfection, but the addition of Sour Diesel is simply the refining of an otherwise impeccable strain.

The buds of Sour Sage are light and airy.  My budtender had to practically shove the pop top closed, as the nuggets were overflowing the container.  They are oddly misshapen, almost pyramids, but only in the minds of the most devout cubists.  A blueish greenery is accented by topaz hairs and a fuzzy frosting of crystals.  When I dipped my nose into the jar, I was hit with the scent of herb garden greenery.  There was hardly a hint of the astringent lemon or diesel smells common of Sour Diesel.  Instead, there was an herbal tea aroma and a warm, pungent earth smell.  It was quite sweet and enjoyable, like a big bowl of mother nature.  The taste was imperceptible until the exhale.  Especially with the green hit, the smoke was sweet and organic.  There is little smoker’s fatigue, and the smoke is thin and vaporous.

S.A.G.E.’s perfect equilibrium is ruined by the addition of Sour Diesel, making for a sativa to indica ratio of 3 to 1 in its genetics.  However, you will hardly feel like you have anything less than an improvement on your hands.  The high is expansive and dreamy.  There is a strong disembodiment and a disconnect from the world.  Highs like this are an experience all their own.  Slightly hallucinogenic at high doses, a blunt made me lose myself for hours at a time.  Sour Sage is a great daytime high, but save it for weekends.  It will help you escape your troubles, and any stress will simply recede.

$45/ eighth


1921 Carnegie Ave. 3H

Santa Ana, CA