Jack Herer x OG Kush from Second Story medical marijuana review



What?!  Jack Herer and OG Kush are available in a single hybrid.  Like peanut butter and chocolate.  Like peanut butter and jelly.  Or crackers.  Or celery.  When you think about it, peanut butter and just about anything.  These two strains were practically made for each other, and now they are together at last.

These buds have tons of orange/brown hairs and rich amber trichromes.  Beneath this lies lime green flower and some dark green leaf.  It is an aesthetically gorgeous strain, very earthy, with all the colors of the forest.  The scent is also woody and pine, dominant profiles in both parent strains.  There is a faint sour skunk, but it is an afterthought.  Overall, Jack and OG come together to create a delightfully spicy and exotic smoke.  Like incense, the smell is alluring.  The taste is equally earthy.  The green hit is a rush of resinous pine wood and bark spice, like vanilla or saffron.

After smoking this hybrid, I was all smiles and creativity.  There are really two separate highs going on here: OG Kush’s mellow, no cares attitude and Jack’s clearheaded productivity.  Just like any other sativa dominant, it is a great daytime high.  From wake n’ bake to sundown, and even into a night out on the town, Jack Herer and OG Kush will work together to ease your anxiety, whatever its source, and will even lift your mood.  For patients looking for complete psychosomatic relief, this could be your strain.

$45/ eighth

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave. #221

Santa Ana, CA

G-13 from Emerald Care Collective medical marijuana review



Emerald Care is one of several dispensaries tucked just below the 55 fwy on Garry Ave.  Their low key atmosphere lures me away from their competition time after time.  The minimalism of their waiting room and bud room are part of the beauty of this place, since it helps them keep their prices competitive, even for their fine quality medication.  I haven’t visited them in a few weeks and made a stop on my way home from work.  They keep a rotation of their strains on special for $45/7g.  This week it was a bag of the legendary G-13.  While most strains brag of their genetics, this mysterious strain is shrouded in story.

Marijuana historians speak of a program at the University of Mississippi involving the FBI, CIA, and any number of other government agencies.  Here in the late 60’s, hidden away in the university laboratories, scientists collected together the strongest strains of marijuana and crossed them with the goal of created the world’s strongest weed.  G-13 is the 13th created hybrid and the strongest of the experiment.  A single clone was smuggled out by a researcher, so that it could be shared with the public.  Or so one version of the story goes.  The truth may never be known.

What is also a mystery is the genetics of this storied strain.  Believed to be an Afghan hybrid, it is then most likely an indica mix.  The nuggets are thumb-sized and a uniform green.  There are some fine brown hairs, but visually, the buds are uninteresting.  However, they are in good shape, if not a bit woody.  Emerald Care uses sealed bags for their products, and although the nuggets were fresh when opened, they quickly dried out.  Moving them to glass jar or dropping in a humidifier should take care of this.  The aroma is sweet citrus followed with a hint of fuel.  This is similar to the Chem-91 and not at all off putting.  The green hit is sweet and the follow is smooth.  For the price, this batch should not smoke this enjoyably.  The high is light for an indica, though it may be the potency.  It is mellow and enjoyable.  I became a bit muddled, and there was a clear downward pull, as if I was melting.  As is typical of Afghani indicas, G-13 is perfect for pain and insomnia.  Be careful when medicating with this strain because the come down is drowsy.  I often never made it from the chair to the bed before nodding off.  It also has severe red eye effects and can be difficult to hide being medicated for the discerning user.

For the price point, it is hard to argue against donating for 7g of G-13.  While it won’t knock you out or set you faded, it will help you control minor pains and trouble sleeping, as well as stress and related anxiety.  If you work a hard job and need something to help you unwind your day, this might be the strain for you.

G-13: $45/7g

Emerald Care Collective

1820 East Garry Ave. #204

Santa Ana, CA 92705