Green Dream shatter from Second Story concentrate review



This sample of Green Dream shatter comes to us from HGH extractions, a multiple award winning LA based extraction company.  Over the last few months, I’ve come to recognize HGH as the absolute leader in creating quality extractions.   This concentrate is a BHO extract, which many people fear to be unhealthy.  When done right, BHO extraction is safe.  And this is shatter done right.

Green Dream is a cross between two sativas: Green Crack and Blue Dream.  I’ve also seen it on menus as Blue Crack.  It is a well designed hybrid looking to capitalize on each parent’s dominating effects–both in taste and effect.

When I first picked this up from Second Story, it was a real glass-like shatter.  My half gram was made up of one big burnt-amber colored chunk and some smaller slivers and shards that had broken off it.  When I got it home, it became soft and tacky in warm weather, and my office sits in our powerful Orange County afternoon sun.  The longer I had it, the more the consistency changed to that of a wax, feeling soft and buttery.  It became cloudier as well.  The taste profile again is balanced between the two parent strains, combining Blue Dream’s dark berry flavor with the tropical sweetness of Green Crack.

This strain hits at mach speed as a concentrate, and I felt the effects on the exhale.  Blue Dream brings a spacey and creative high, that doesn’t hesitate to add relief and comfort to the body, too.  Green Crack, on the other hand, can be energetic and productive sativa.  Either late at night or in the early morning, this medicates like a cup of coffee.  But relaxing, so with a little added whiskey for good measure.  I found it to be all at once dreamy but engaging.  It is much more clear headed than Blue Dream alone.  More stoney than just Green Crack.

Sadly, I only got a half gram this trip.  If I knew the kind of high it spawned, I would have donated for more.  Be sure to swing by Second Story and grab yours quick.  It won’t last long.

$40/ .5g

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave., #221

Santa Ana, CA

MediZen’s Gummy California Apples edible review



While wandering around the LA Cannabis Cup, I stumbled on a corner booth laden with row after row of vibrant gummy treats.  Personally, I happen to be addicted to gummy anything, so my attention was caught.  Sliding through the crowd, I concluded to take a closer look.

They were selling C02 infused edibles from MediZen.  I decided upon the California Apples, assuming with some sarcasm that they would taste like going to Oak Glen, California, to the apple farms.  In truth, they were nothing more than the candies I used to get from the nickel candy shop down the street growing up–non-medicated, of course.  These little disks come in sour green and sweet red apple, and now there is a grown up version infused with what the packaging calls “Standard MMJ Extract”.  They were a very soft and fresh edible, bursting with either a sweet Red Delicious or a slightly sour Granny Smith apple taste.  A rich gummy treat, there was some lingering bitterness from the cannabis.

Each package contains approximately 300 mg of THC.  This makes for 20 mg each candy.  Using smaller candies as the edible made for an incredibly variable medicating experience.  I had total control and could use fewer or more sours to fine tune my medicating.  I got three complete dosings of 100 mg.  Even those I was able to spread out, by eating the candies two at a time at intervals throughout the work day.

I experienced a body dominant high that manifested first in the neck and limbs.  There wasn’t much in head or eyes, and I found psychosomatic effects to be minimal.  This made for an effective respite from joint and muscle pain during work, when I couldn’t be too impaired.  Although there was noticeable body relief, there was no couch lock at my doses.  Instead it was a mellow and relaxing way to ease aches and soreness.  A soothing and unwinding edible, it was also useful for anti-anxiety as well.  I’ve seen comparable edibles with less THC and higher price points elsewhere in the OC.  Instead, grab some of MediZen’s products and get more for less.

$15/ package of 15


Blue Diamond nectar from Second Story concentrate review



Before I tried this strain, the only blue diamond I had ever seen was the famous Hope diamond kept at the Smithsonian, made blue by trace amounts of boron in its crystaline structure.  Second Story’s Blue Diamond would be a completely different stone, as it were.  And “hope”fully lacking in any boron.

Blue Diamond is a cross between Diamond OG (OG Kush crossed with a pure indica) and Blue Dream.  I’ve long been a fan of Blue Dream: just take a look at my review.  Beyond its aesthetically pleasing look and its delectable smell and taste, I’ve always seen Blue Dream as the perfect mental health strain.  All cares simply disappear after medicating.  Diamond OG, however, is a totally new experience for me.  Although I’ve seen plenty of OG Kush hybrids, one this indica dominant is usually outside of my preference, yet any friend of Blue Dream is a friend of mine.

I found the taste to be predominantly piney and nutty from the Diamond OG.  The Blue Dream also lends a dark berry and lightly floral flavor.  The vapor was sometimes harsh in the throat when the coil in my Cloud pen was real hot.  Otherwise, there is an earthy sweetness that seems to temper the vapor.

This concentrate isn’t really a nectar.  It’s more like a taffy, light honey in color.  It is very pale, almost white, and absolutely glimmers under the lights.  While I was thankful it was stored on parchment paper, it was also put into far too small a container and was pressed quite tightly when sealed.  When it got hot and then cold these last few days and nights, the consistency turned to a hard rock.  Some oil seems to have been pressed out by the heat and pressure, but this had no effect on the potency.  I eventually moved it to my Oil Slick jar, now that it was drier.

The high offered hazy anti-anxiety relief from the Blue Dream.  It was also good for depression, thanks to the dissociative effect.   OG Kush brings a great mellow high, sneaking its way in through the Diamond OG.  There was quite the significant indica high from Diamond OG: relaxed and body dominant.  I felt it first in the arms and legs, then across the back and shoulders.  Blue Diamond offered nice headache relief.  Although at times I had tired eyes, I experienced no lock and remained active while medicating.  I became tired at night, which may go without saying, but the Diamond OG certainly helps with unwinding before bed.  On the nights I had the hardest time sleeping, it didn’t cure my insomnia, and I had to resort to a pure indica to get the job done.

$40/ .5g

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave, #221

Santa Ana, California

Peanut Butter and Fruity Pebbles Bud Delight edible review



I received this Bud Delight from Diamond Grove for being a first time patient there.  It was a tiny little bite sized goody, and although I got it as a sample, they have them listed for $2 on Weedmaps.  There was no mg count listed on the package, but judging by the size and price, it can’t be more than 25 mg of THC.

First of all, this is one of the tastiest snacks I’ve had in some time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bit into it.  And its vague packaging didn’t help.  On first examination, it is a bit bigger than a golf ball.  The chocolate coating was rolled in fruity pebbles: but what was inside?  I poured a glass of milk and prepared to find out.  After biting into it, I was delighted when I discovered a whipped peanut butter center.  The crunch of the cereal, juxtaposed against the softness of the center, made for an interesting texture balance and, overall,  a tasty bon bon.

Although I just worked this edible into my daily medicating regimen in my home office, it is small and convenient enough to bring just about anywhere for quick use on the run.  It is clearly no more than a single dose, even for those with low tolerance.  I experienced a nice mild high, mostly physical, as nerve and joint pain relief.  There were some relaxation and sedation effects also, helping marginally with anxiety.

While I found the potency to simply be too low, I can see this edible working well for either light relief of minor pain, or as a base high to add to with another medicating technique.  For the price point they are perfect low dose edibles, and you could always take home a handful if you are looking for something stronger.

$2/ Diamond Grove

Buddha’s Best White Chocolate Macadamia edible review



I have addressed Buddha’s Best’s claim about being the “strongest edible on the market” in the past.  I still hold that both by dose and by total edible cannabinoids, this simply isn’t true.  Chronic Catering has them by over 20 mgs per edible.  However, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares.  Buddha’s Best makes what is frankly one of the tastiest edibles on the market.  They use all natural ingredients, as most medibles do.  In this world of overly processed foods, it is refreshing to eat anything with simple, honest ingredients, instead of chemicals.

Buddha’s Best makes a thick, doughy cookie.  It is a bit messy with the crumbles on top.  But the Ghiradelli white chocolate is melt in your mouth delicious.  There is the slightly unsettling green color to deal with.  But that just means it’s packed with medicine.  It is a very dense cookie, and this keeps you from overeating too much in one dose.  Its decadent flavor is a rich treat to be enjoyed in small, high potency pieces.

This edible gave me a nice relaxing high: perfect for unwinding after a long day.  The high rolls in easy, and it builds rather than hits, making medicating with it less jarring.  It’s a bit heady.  And these cerebral effects were manifested in a very chatty and giggly high.  There were strong aural to body sensations, so listening to music was an intense experience.  I found it to be stoney, but I was still focused with low doses.  A nibble here, a gobble there, and I had tailored medicating all day long.  Because of the strength of the suggested doses, it doesn’t take much if you are looking for minor relief.  I’ve never needed more than half a cookie in any one session, making its price tag all the more reasonable.

$12/ The Clinic

Mr. Nice Guy from The Clinic medical marijuana review



This indica dominant hybrid is a mix of G-13 x Hash Plant.  Named Mr Nice, it was established in honor of famed author and pot smuggler Howard Marks.    While not judging him personally, Mr. Nice was just one of many aliases Marks took, and not a compliment to his benevolence.  This particular moniker came after he bought the passport of convicted murderer Donald Nice.  Marks was eventually convicted of his involvement in the moving of drugs, and since completing his sentence, he continues to write and conduct lecture tours.

The flowers of this harvest are pretty thin and stringy.  There is a purple hue to the buds, especially at the tips, and the greenery comes mostly from leaves.  Deep brown hairs cover the nuggets in bushy chunks.  Overall, each bud was kind of stemmy and were thin fingers of a bud.  Not to be counted out though, the flowers were sparkly under LEDs and a bit sticky from the Hash Plant influence, alluding to a hidden potency.

Mr. Nice Guy has a complicated palate, helped nothing by the variety of its phenotypes.  The first impression is of funky earth and sweetness.  I’d possibly describe it like wet ground and tropical flower.  There is also a possible purp terp scent of over-ripe or rotten berry in play.   There are other smells too: burnt oak ash; a mildewy basement or wet leather; dense resinous wood.  There is also a musky spice that is difficult to pin down.  Yet so familiar.  I’d say it has a manly scent–a dirty gruffness.  This taste complexity comes from the Hash Plant.  Some simply call it a hashy scent, but that’s a bit of a cop out.  The smoke tastes just as layered as it smells.  The pungent berry and musk are most evident, but that indescribable spice is there as well.

An indica dominant hybrid, I expected a real stoney high.  However, it had a pleasant groovy nature to it, making it work as a daytime indica.  I caught some super red eyes, which made me look more medicated than I was.  Mr. Nice Guy was clear headed overall, and I found it pretty helpful to work under its use.  It gave me a nice body high without the inhibiting psychedelic effects. This is the effect of the G-13, aimed to maximize usefulness as medicine and minimizing intoxication.  Watch as the Hash Plant wants to work against this though.  And at larger doses, it will.  Regardless of the potency of your harvest, be sure to respect this strain, lest it bowl you over.

$35/ eighth

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave., suite 130

Santa Ana, CA

Dark Chocolate and Popping Candy 4.20 Bar from The Venice Cookie Company edible review



Seeing this bar in my local dispensary was quite a blast from the past, since Pop Rocks were a large part of my childhood.  I had to take this edible home, if for nothing more than the nostalgia, and I couldn’t wait to try it.  Because we all know that Pop Rocks mixed with soda will make your stomach explode, I decided to take this snack to the local coffeehouse to wash it down with a latte.  The first bite off the bar erupted in my mouth.  It was like eating a Krackle bar that wouldn’t stop krackling, as the candies popped their way across my tongue.  Mixed in with this tactile experience was a nice dark chocolate taste, whose bitterness mixed with the cannabis bite to mask it.  The whole candy bar has just four ingredients: dark chocolate, popping candy, corn syrup, and cannabis.  This shows a simplicity in this complicated world that I can respect.

The serving sizes per dose are small, which is good if you are watching your sugar and calorie intake.  A single segment is only 25 calories, meaning there are more mgs of THC per piece than calories.  Each bar contains 180 mg of THC total from 4.2 grams of dried cannabis.   I intended on eating a third of the bar, a 60 mg dose.  However, I broke off an extra piece in my mouth and medicated with half the bar.  Whoops!  Though a 90 mg edible is hardly unheard of, it was more than was needed from this effective edible.

The 4.20 Bar has a real easy come on.  It was hardly noticeable, until suddenly it was there.  The high started soft in the joints, which was followed shortly by an uplifting, pleasant mood.  I hate the not-really-a-word word melty.  But this edible’s high is physically melty.  Only an invented word can describe it.  It also heightened the senses, making everything enjoyable, and offered great visual and aural effects.  My skin absolutely came alive.  It was a bit locky.  I ate my half and slowly lost the will to work as it kicked in.  Not that I’m complaining.  I spent several moments enjoying open eye visuals as the the sun played off a fountain near by.  I’ve been rush, rush, rushing lately for my many jobs and responsibilities.  Even my free time, as infrequent as it came along, was invaded by thoughts of what needed to be done.  It was a dear euphoria to find myself drifting off in a daydream with not a single thought on my mind.  In today’s world, who doesn’t need this every once in a while.  There was a glow about the high that rubbed off on everyone I came in contact with.  For pain sufferers, don’t think your relief is ignored with the high THC count.  There is just enough CBD and CBN to encourage physical wellbeing, too.  Regardless of your medicating needs, The Venice Cookie Company has got you covered.

$15/ Re-Up in Santa Ana

Lemon Drop wax from OCPC concentrate review



When I was in my graduate program we used to drink a shot called the Lemon Drop.  Vodka was shaken over ice and then strained.  The shots were chased by biting on a sugared lemon.  I used to love them.  Citrusy sweet, and slightly sour.  While browsing through OCPC’s waxes this week, I was looking for something more glassy.  I’ve just had a real dry Blue Dream wax that was troubling to use in my pen, so I was looking for something that would vaporize easier.  However, hidden behind a stack of darker budders, I saw this golden gram of Lemon Drop wax and decided to take it home.  I’m a sucker for the Limonene terpene that gives some strains their lemony flavor, and I was hoping to get a big dose with this donation.

This Lemon Drop wax melted well in my Cloud Pen, if not a bit slow.  I had to make sure to get it right down on the heating coil to get a full hit.  Although it was wetter than some waxes, I still ended with crumbles in my Oil Slick jar when breaking pieces off the rather sizeable 1g moonstone I picked out.  Like clay from a cave, it was pliable but grainy.  Having a light brown color, it wasn’t the purest of waxes I’ve seen, but it was clearly free of most particulates.

There was a nice and sweet lemon scent, similar to Super Lemon Haze, but less aromatic than a well cured flower.  The vapor is thin, and so is the taste, both of which were a disappointment.  However, it hits heavy to the cheeks and forehead when it does finally heat up enough to vape well.  I had lazy, drooping eyes that made me look higher than I was.  Lemon Drop was actually quite clear headed and creative in low doses.  But giggly and euphoric during longer sessions.  The medication seems to lean sativa, but it is clearly a sativa/indica hybrid.  It offered a two part high.  While there was good tension relief in the head and neck and I found it effective for migraines, Lemon drop also worked well for stress and anxiety relief.  The relaxing of both the mind and body is perfect to make it through your tougher days at the office.

$35/ g


1921 Carnegie Ave, 3H

Santa Ana, CA

Sour Candy Apple from SAPA medical marijuana review




After popping in to visit One Love, I discovered it was now Santa Ana P.A..  New name, same set up.  Though, the shelves seemed less full of the choices I’d come to expect.  After viewing the menu boards, I settled on a blended hybrid.  It was the name, Sour Candy Apple, that appealed to me.  It sounded to me like a special Starburst flavor.  And my mouth was watering before I even made it out of the dispensary.

There have been some beautiful late harvest buds around the OC lately, busty and plump, with coatings of amber trichromes.  Sour Candy Apple has dark leaves and light emerald flowers, flush with pale hairs.  There is a fruit scent similar to an apple or pear.  It’s a bit piney also, but barely so.  The buds I got were really fresh, making them hard to break up.  Once they dried after a moment or two on a dish, they were much more workable.  Smoking it gives a really harsh hit, but the exhale is all fresh apple and slightly sour.  It isn’t overwhelming like a sour patch kid, though.  More subtle.  More bearable.

Sour Apple is a mix of a heavy Kush indica and Sour Diesel.  I’m not sure where the “Candy” in the name comes from, but the obvious choice would be a work in of Candy Kush.  The high left me with a nice warm tingle in body, like a warm spiced wine enjoyed in front of a fire.  It was heavy in the eyes and comfortingly sleepy, a kind of drunk feeling.  I was still able to function on lower doses, and it was mellow and smooth.  I found it to be a great wake and bake strain on a weekend, when you want the dreaminess of morning to continue.  However, it is a bit too distracting for a work day.  The more I smoked, the more couch-locked I got.  When used late enough, it put me down swiftly to sleep.  This hybrid seems to swing far to the indica side, making it perfect for all kinds of pain relief and insomnia.  

$45/ eighth

Santa Ana P.C.

1651 E. Edinger, suite 104

Santa Ana, CA


Auntie Dolores Caramel Corn edible review



When it comes to edibles, it is a largely unregulated field.  Auntie Dolores uses Halent Scientific, one of the most popular cannabis testing labs, to test their edibles for both cannabinoid content and contaminants.  This ensures even, reliable medicating with every use.  It is this trustworthiness and transparency that creates repeat customers in this market.  And I know I’ll be a fan of Auntie D for life.

Auntie Dolores has a wide variety of edibles on the market: including brownie bites, pretzels, and nuts.  The caramel corn contains 127 mgs of thc and a total of over 145 mgs of cannabinoids.  I broke the bag into two doses of about 65 mgs of thc.  This proved to be more than enough for half a day of medication.  A patient could easily get 4 doses per package, depending on tolerance.

 Auntie Dolores uses all natural, gluten free ingredients.  This doesn’t mean that these snacks are good for you, but at 160 calories, they are more healthful than most treats out there, medicated or not.  Sweet, smooth, and tasty, each piece melts in the mouth.  There is a very limited smell and taste of cannabis.  The caramel is decadent, and the popcorn is high quality.  There are no small pieces or unpopped kernels to get stuck in your teeth or crack a crown.

The high offered from this edible is very uplifting and talkative.  It then transitioned into a euphoric and pleasing haze, the potency of which depended on dose.  The body relief is overshadowed, but still effective, and very energetic.  This is clearly a sativa leaning high, and like other Auntie Dolores products, it is known for being long lasting.  I found this edible to be most efficient when using it to find respite from stress, anxiety, and depression.  Its cerebral and mood altering expressions are just what those suffering from mental illness need to function day to day, and it is less invasive than a Zoloft each day.

I had the pleasure of using this medicated popcorn during work and out on a boat off the OC coast.  Edibles are convenient in their discretion, and I felt like I could comfortably medicate any where.  The long lasting sativa high also transitions well between work and play, making these treats an essential addition to my day.

$15/ bag.