MediZen’s Gummy California Apples edible review



While wandering around the LA Cannabis Cup, I stumbled on a corner booth laden with row after row of vibrant gummy treats.  Personally, I happen to be addicted to gummy anything, so my attention was caught.  Sliding through the crowd, I concluded to take a closer look.

They were selling C02 infused edibles from MediZen.  I decided upon the California Apples, assuming with some sarcasm that they would taste like going to Oak Glen, California, to the apple farms.  In truth, they were nothing more than the candies I used to get from the nickel candy shop down the street growing up–non-medicated, of course.  These little disks come in sour green and sweet red apple, and now there is a grown up version infused with what the packaging calls “Standard MMJ Extract”.  They were a very soft and fresh edible, bursting with either a sweet Red Delicious or a slightly sour Granny Smith apple taste.  A rich gummy treat, there was some lingering bitterness from the cannabis.

Each package contains approximately 300 mg of THC.  This makes for 20 mg each candy.  Using smaller candies as the edible made for an incredibly variable medicating experience.  I had total control and could use fewer or more sours to fine tune my medicating.  I got three complete dosings of 100 mg.  Even those I was able to spread out, by eating the candies two at a time at intervals throughout the work day.

I experienced a body dominant high that manifested first in the neck and limbs.  There wasn’t much in head or eyes, and I found psychosomatic effects to be minimal.  This made for an effective respite from joint and muscle pain during work, when I couldn’t be too impaired.  Although there was noticeable body relief, there was no couch lock at my doses.  Instead it was a mellow and relaxing way to ease aches and soreness.  A soothing and unwinding edible, it was also useful for anti-anxiety as well.  I’ve seen comparable edibles with less THC and higher price points elsewhere in the OC.  Instead, grab some of MediZen’s products and get more for less.

$15/ package of 15


Bubba Kush from OCPC medical marijuana review


Orange County Patient Care (OCPC) usually keeps a jar or two of $35/eighth buds in addition to their usual top shelf strains.  For the last few weeks, the featured sale Indica has been Bubba Kush.  I don’t usually buy pure Indicas since they tend to put me down early, especially when from a quality dispensary like OCPC.  However, my budtender assured me that Bubba was a more mellow body high and wouldn’t overpower me.  Relaxation-yes.  Uncontrollable weed lock and naps-no.  It sounded good, but I’ve woken up on my couch with a half smoked bowl of Indica in my lap enough times.  The nuggets didn’t look like anything award worthy, slightly brownish and not overly sparkly under the lamp.  They were small buds but lacked all of the stickiness I expect in an Indica.  I was about to pass when I took a large whiff of air from deep in the jar as I tend to do when meeting my weed.  Scents and tastes are a strong factor in my choices of strain.  This harvest of Bubba Kush had a distinct pepper smell.  Very strong, like red chili peppers dried together in a clump.  For $35 bucks, I had to see what this tasted like.

Bubba Kush broke up soft and pillowy, as a good Indica will.  I’ve found that Indicas and Indica dominant hybrids are the best strains for rolling even, steady burning blunts due to the way they break up.  The taste was not peppery like the smell suggested (disappointing), but it was herby and still with some spice to it.  I took my bottle of Bubba Kush to the LA Kush Expo a few weeks ago.  It was a hit with several smokers I met over the day.  The high was dreamy and physical.  One blunt at sundown had me watching the shadows change across the buildings in downtown LA for an hour.  I was lost in a stoney stare.  I sometimes use my medicine to treat my arthritis pain, and Bubba Kush was an effective mask.  Bubba also carries all of Indica’s appetite stimulation.  After one blunt early in the day, I spent $20 at a bakery treat food truck on the Expo grounds.  Brilliant product placement.

Final judgement on the Bubba Kush: worth $35 for the eighth, but not a cent more.  A good mellow high that won’t make you miss the end of your movie due to sudden weed naps.  An excellent pain relaxer.

Bubba Kush- $35 = 1/8

Orange County Patient Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca 92705