Redwood Kush from OCPC medical marijuana review



John Muir, while discussing the redwood forests of Northern California, remarked, “Going to the woods is going home.”  The comforting, warming high of Redwood Kush is reminiscent of sitting by a campfire, surrounded by friends and the company of looming sugar pines.  Cozy and satisfying, there is something familiar about this strain, like it’s taking you home.

While I wouldn’t classify these nuggets as popcorn, they are small, bite sized buds.  Redwood Kush would be a deep forest green color if it weren’t absolutely drowning in pale amber trichromes.  The buds look like a pair of dirty khakis after being worked into Sequoia National Forest for a hike.  The aroma continues this theme.  Much of the scent is pepper tree and cedar.  However, the scent is so sweet in its woodiness, that there is even some over-ripe berry and musky earth, turning it sour in the end.  I was pleased by how this indica smoked.  It wasn’t harsh at all, and it had fine moments when it was like balsam or sandalwood incense.  Everything about the aesthetic side of this weed reminded me of northern California.

The high of Redwood Kush is noticeably indica, meaning it exists mostly in the body.  I prefer the cerebral effects of sativas and sativa hybrids, and don’t often donate for pure indicas.  However, Redwood is a breezy body high that is perfect for minor aches and pains.  It helped ease my arthritis and shoulder pain considerably, but did little for a migraine I came down with one night.  I also enjoyed this strain because there is no couch lock, no laziness, and no drowsy yawning.  This was the most dynamic indica I’ve smoked, since coming to Southern California, and it is perfect as a sunny daytime medication.

$35/ eighth


1921 Carnegie Ave, 3H

Santa Ana, CA

Salmon Berry Kush medical marijuana review



Most of the time, one can identify a strain’s genetics by the name it is given.  An OG, Kush, or Haze in the name tends to tell me exactly where to begin looking into a strains background.  Same with Jacks or Widows and a Blueberry or Strawberry moniker.  However, I haven’t a clue as to what a Salmon Berry is, and that is the central difficulty in this post’s strain, Salmon Berry Kush.

Let’s start with the Kush in its name.  If it is Afghani Kush, then most likely the strain will exhibit body heavy indica effects.  However, if it represents OG Kush, a strain that may not contain a lick of Kush at all, then the effects will be more blended, engaging both the mind and body, and won’t at all hold you back like an indica can, similar in effect to Blueberry Kush. In fact, I recently obtained some Blueberry Kush from a private grower, and I see a lot of similarity with Salmon Berry Kush.  There is also a possible link to Salmon Creek Big Bud, from the favored Salmon Creek growers once popular in the Pacific Northwest.

The buds themselves are pyramidal in shape, the biggest the size of a thumbwell, someone’s thumb.  They were finely trimmed and may have been machined.  Salmon Berry Kush is a dark green strain and forested with brown hairs.  This sample wasn’t terribly sticky, but this made it easier to break up by hand.  The scent is earthy and sweet from the incense like OG Kush.  Add to this a strawberry linger, and Salmon Berry Kush completes its rather complex signature.  The taste is much of the same and carries through even when rolled in a blunt.  I found it a delightfully flavorful smoke: saccharine and fruity.

Salmon Berry Kush seems to be a nicely balanced hybrid.  The OG Kush brings with it a sativa dominant effect range that is loose and lazy.  If Strawberry or Strawberry Cough is indeed the berry strain present here, then the social and chatty nature of the high makes sense.  Although the high can be hazy and red in the eyes, the cerebral and visual effects are the biggest draw.  For those with work stress or social anxiety, this would be the strain for you.  Salmon Berry Kush will help spark your creativity and encourage group interaction within your team.  However, at higher doses forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating can become negatives, so medicate carefully.  There are some mild pain relieving properties, but I wouldn’t rely on them.  This strain leans sativa and is best used for mood.

Pumpkin Pie OG from Aloha medical marijuana review


Sad Halloween is over?  The larger harvest season still has plenty to offer, as attested to by the many pumpkin flavored products on the market.  Pumpkin lattes, beer, shakes, muffins, coffee creamer, donuts, and now marijuana.  Kind of.

Last Friday I headed up to Aloha in Santa Ana to grab an eighth.  I knew I was going to get a nice Sativa hybrid, Bubbleberry most likely, but if I split my eighth like I usually do, what would the other strain be?  The patient in front of me had out Pumpkin Pie OG, and I was intrigued enough to try it out.  Those of you who follow my reviews know I am a sucker for flavored strains,  and I am a big fan of the pumpkin flavor in general.  The nuggets were dense and dark green, and the brightest orange hairs grew in great clumps on every side.  I exhausted my research skills trying to find the lineage of this strain with no luck.  Several local and out of state dispensaries were carrying some variation on this name: such as, Pumpkin Pie OG, Pumpkin Spice OG, or Pumpkin Kush.  However, no one seemed to know the mix.

After bringing it home and preparing it for a smoke, I decided it was either an Indica or Indica dominant hybrid.  The small, dense buds and earthy, almost nutty smell certainly supported this intuition.  Alas, nothing about this medication other than its color suggested pumpkins.  I have recently seen strains of both California Orange Bud and Orange Crush that seem close matches genetically to Pumpkin Pie OG.  This may suggest possible parenting.  However, most likely these pumpkin themed buds are just renamed variations of orange Indicas.

The smoke was thick and overpowering.  To put it plainly, this weed stinks.  Not in quality, but in smell.  Both my strains this week are skunky smokes with noticeable aromas.  I am sure my neighbors are pleased.  I coughed quite a bit using both bowl and blunt, and the ash was sludgy with tar.  Because of the way most Indicas fluff up when ground and their tendency to smolder when lit, I suggest smoking this one in either a blunt or joint.

The high was heavy in the shoulders and eyes.  I felt stoned, dozy  and unproductive.  My mind was foggy, and I kept walking into rooms and forgetting why.  Great as a pain killer or sleeping aid; I slept soundly and untroubled for 8 hours, and my arthritis was less invasive in my daily routine.  This is a personal high, not a social high.  I suggest medicating only when you have no responsibility forthcoming or before bed, as this strain will quickly end any plans you may have had.

Pumpkin Pie OG= $50/eighth





Bubba Kush from OCPC medical marijuana review


Orange County Patient Care (OCPC) usually keeps a jar or two of $35/eighth buds in addition to their usual top shelf strains.  For the last few weeks, the featured sale Indica has been Bubba Kush.  I don’t usually buy pure Indicas since they tend to put me down early, especially when from a quality dispensary like OCPC.  However, my budtender assured me that Bubba was a more mellow body high and wouldn’t overpower me.  Relaxation-yes.  Uncontrollable weed lock and naps-no.  It sounded good, but I’ve woken up on my couch with a half smoked bowl of Indica in my lap enough times.  The nuggets didn’t look like anything award worthy, slightly brownish and not overly sparkly under the lamp.  They were small buds but lacked all of the stickiness I expect in an Indica.  I was about to pass when I took a large whiff of air from deep in the jar as I tend to do when meeting my weed.  Scents and tastes are a strong factor in my choices of strain.  This harvest of Bubba Kush had a distinct pepper smell.  Very strong, like red chili peppers dried together in a clump.  For $35 bucks, I had to see what this tasted like.

Bubba Kush broke up soft and pillowy, as a good Indica will.  I’ve found that Indicas and Indica dominant hybrids are the best strains for rolling even, steady burning blunts due to the way they break up.  The taste was not peppery like the smell suggested (disappointing), but it was herby and still with some spice to it.  I took my bottle of Bubba Kush to the LA Kush Expo a few weeks ago.  It was a hit with several smokers I met over the day.  The high was dreamy and physical.  One blunt at sundown had me watching the shadows change across the buildings in downtown LA for an hour.  I was lost in a stoney stare.  I sometimes use my medicine to treat my arthritis pain, and Bubba Kush was an effective mask.  Bubba also carries all of Indica’s appetite stimulation.  After one blunt early in the day, I spent $20 at a bakery treat food truck on the Expo grounds.  Brilliant product placement.

Final judgement on the Bubba Kush: worth $35 for the eighth, but not a cent more.  A good mellow high that won’t make you miss the end of your movie due to sudden weed naps.  An excellent pain relaxer.

Bubba Kush- $35 = 1/8

Orange County Patient Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca 92705