Sour Candy Apple from SAPA medical marijuana review




After popping in to visit One Love, I discovered it was now Santa Ana P.A..  New name, same set up.  Though, the shelves seemed less full of the choices I’d come to expect.  After viewing the menu boards, I settled on a blended hybrid.  It was the name, Sour Candy Apple, that appealed to me.  It sounded to me like a special Starburst flavor.  And my mouth was watering before I even made it out of the dispensary.

There have been some beautiful late harvest buds around the OC lately, busty and plump, with coatings of amber trichromes.  Sour Candy Apple has dark leaves and light emerald flowers, flush with pale hairs.  There is a fruit scent similar to an apple or pear.  It’s a bit piney also, but barely so.  The buds I got were really fresh, making them hard to break up.  Once they dried after a moment or two on a dish, they were much more workable.  Smoking it gives a really harsh hit, but the exhale is all fresh apple and slightly sour.  It isn’t overwhelming like a sour patch kid, though.  More subtle.  More bearable.

Sour Apple is a mix of a heavy Kush indica and Sour Diesel.  I’m not sure where the “Candy” in the name comes from, but the obvious choice would be a work in of Candy Kush.  The high left me with a nice warm tingle in body, like a warm spiced wine enjoyed in front of a fire.  It was heavy in the eyes and comfortingly sleepy, a kind of drunk feeling.  I was still able to function on lower doses, and it was mellow and smooth.  I found it to be a great wake and bake strain on a weekend, when you want the dreaminess of morning to continue.  However, it is a bit too distracting for a work day.  The more I smoked, the more couch-locked I got.  When used late enough, it put me down swiftly to sleep.  This hybrid seems to swing far to the indica side, making it perfect for all kinds of pain relief and insomnia.  

$45/ eighth

Santa Ana P.C.

1651 E. Edinger, suite 104

Santa Ana, CA


GT Dragon medical marijuana review



When the medical marijuana festivals come around, it is a great opportunity to visit the booths of different vendors and dispensaries and find products that I can’t find in the OC.  While browsing up and down the rows of tents at the recent High Times LA Cannabis Cup, I came across a little organic grower selling $10 eighths.  Never one to pass up a chance to support local and organic, I decided to pick up a couple of grams of GT Dragon.

To start, the buds were not well trimmed, and yellow leaves stuck out over much of the buds.  The flowers themselves were dominated by a purple tint, sharply contrasted by the yellowed leaves and bright orange hairs.  The buds were big and fluffy and easy to break up.  Being a purple strain, there was a fruity smell, like dark berries.  However, the aroma was noticeably sour in the end, almost rotten, like overripe fruit left to rot after falling to the ground.  The taste shared some of this acrid flavor but was still sweet on the tongue.

GT Dragon offers an immediate full body high.  There isn’t much in the head, but it can be a bit daydreamy.  A vibrating body buzz is easy on joints and creates a lasting state of relaxation.  As with most indica dominants, this strain can couch lock, but offers superior relief from both pain and insomnia.

$30/ eighth

Organic Grower

High Times LA Cannabis Cup

Auntie Dolores 100 Bite triple chocolate brownie bite medical edible review



Auntie Dolores medible products are regrettably unavailable at my usual dispensaries in Orange County.  Because of this, I have had to wait until the recent Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino to sample these delectable sweets.  I had some trouble locating their booth, tucked away as it was along the outside row, but I’m sure glad I finally did.  The staff working the Cup booth were personable and eager to help me find the best medicated edibles.

The 100 mg brownie bite from Auntie Dolores is the perfect strength single dose when looking for a strong, lasting medication.  I felt comfortable using this all natural product, knowing it was made with only the purest ingredients.  I settled in with my brownie bite and a steaming hot cup of coffee, looking to unwind after a long week.  I found the small, round treat to be a bit dry and crumbly–stale, but not entirely unenjoyable.  It was incredibly chocolaty, with only the slightest notion of a cannabis taste–not bad considering it is the first ingredient.  This trace hint of bitter herbal flavor blended well with the chocolate and left me with a fudgy, decadent aftertaste.

On a mostly empty stomach, the high began after only half an hour and was all smiles.  There was a certain haziness, which created a dreamlike perception, perfect for stress relief and fighting depression.  This disconnect helps to escape triggers, even if just for a few hours.  This head high is mirrored by a buzzing, electric body high.  While pain relief isn’t as powerful as some CBD heavy products on the market, it works if you are looking for a complementing edible that will offer mixed benefits.  After a floating, giggly high, I was left heavy and with drooping eyes.  Eaten after a light dinner, this little bite-sized edible lifted me up for an anxiety free and mellow evening, before dropping me back down for a deep, invigorating night’s sleep.

$10/ 100 mg brownie bite

Super G-13 shatter from Elevated Dreams concentrate review



Everybody’s favorite government grown strain is back: this time as a nicely purged shatter.  G-13 was supposedly being grown for the government in secrecy by the University of Mississippi in the 1960’s, when it was smuggled out by a disgruntled employee.  Or so the story goes.  However, the real mystery for this sample isn’t whether or not the stories are true.  Rather, the question is where did it obtained its “super” status from.  Could it be picked up from Super Silver Haze or Super Skunk?  Or is it just an added moniker to set it above the rest, a ploy to trick me into buying it?  The only way to find out is to bring it home and try it.

This Super G-13 shatter is a lovely, light amber color.  It was very hard, almost glass like, which made snapping off dabs a cinch.  It rolled easily into little balls before I dropped it into my Cloud vape pen.  On warm days, it became a bit more like taffy, making it more difficult to handle.  The vapor was dense and hit straight to the forehead.  It tasted of sweet, fragrant redwood, like cedar or balsam.

The high was very potent.  There was a strong downward pull.  Even if the super in its name does come from a sativa hybrid, this high is almost all indica.  Perfect relief for joint, muscle, and nerve pain, Super G-13 is a very stoney, drowsy strain.  After a long week, I found it to be a wonderful Sunday medication.  There is some anxiety relief and a great sense of relaxation.  Used late enough in the day, it will knock you out.  Whether you plan for it or not, Super G-13 will solve your insomnia.

I never did solve the riddle of this G-13’s “super”.  However, I did find an outstanding indica concentrate for pill free pain relief.  I also found a substitute for Nyquil Zzz to help me get a full night’s sleep.  Finally, I also found a dynamic anti-anxiety medication that affords a physical calming effect to help overcome panic attacks.  Who says the government never did anything for the pot smoker?

$60/ gram

Elevated Dreams Collective

413 W. 17th St. Suite 106

Santa Ana, CA

Lemon Puff from New Cannabis Republic medical marijuana review



A cross between Lemon Diesel and Joseph OG (NY OG Kush), Lemon Puff comes to us from strain experts Gage Green Group.  Specializing in strains crossed with their phenotype of OG Kush–Joseph OG— I picked this strain up from the New Cannabis Republic booth at this year’s High Times LA Cannabis Cup.

My eighth of Lemon Puff was a pair of big, fat nuggets.  The name was appropriate, as they looked like large, lumpy clouds.  However, they were also heavy, and proved to be very dense flowers.  The buds were a lovely, light lime green, completely frosted and accented with bright orange hairs–some of the most beautiful buds I’ve seen in some time.  They were also extremely sticky, which made them difficult to break up by hand.  I ended up picking apart the compact nuggets with my nails and wound up with bits stuck to my fingertips and under my nails.

Lemon Puff is absolutely aromatic.  Very reminiscent of Super Lemon Haze, the lemon scent is sweet and sugary.  There is also a slight skunk and some nutty undertones.  They mix well to create a taste like a sweet citrus treat with a cracker crust.  Lemon Puff is like smoking a lemon bar and allows for a pleasant medicating experience.

The high goes straight to the head.  It is cerebral and hazy, fun and giggly.  Perfect for psychosomatic symptoms such as social anxiety, fear, stress, and depression.  The mood elevation and calming effects help to create a new outlook.  Often triggers that bothered me pre-medicating didn’t fade away, as they do with some strains.  Rather, Lemon Puff helped me to reexamine the situation, take a different perspective, and reach a solution.  This strain isn’t escapist.  It’s engaging.  And while allowing for a dynamic and creative inner dialogue, it helps ease the mental and physical ailments that keep you from being who you need to be.

$50/ eighth

New Cannabis Republic

San Diego County delivery available

(805) 419-3227

SFV Grape from OCPC medical marijuana review



After eyeballing SFV OG at several different dispensaries, I finally settled on SFV Grape from OCPC.  San Fernando Valley OG is really just a phenotype of OG Kush, SoCal’s beloved strain.  In picking up SFV Grape, I’ve located a hybrid that brings in the traditionally sunny and euphoric high of OG Kush and the indica relief of a purple strain like GDP or Grape Ape.

SFV Grape is an evenly colored strain, mossy green with short brown hairs tucked into the flowers.  The buds were incredibly fresh and downy and lightly frosted with cloudy trichromes.  The scent comes in two parts, first is the SFV OG’s resinous skunk and dusty earth aromas.  The indica half brings in the purple’s luscious baked berry or mulled wine scent.  The smoke is harsh and thick.  Even in the green hit.  However, the exhale tastes like raisin and turned earth, sweet and skunky.  This is gone after the first hit or two, though.

This is a terribly unproductive high.  The purple indica does bring with it effective pain relief.  It is also drowsy and body melting, which is perfect for drifting off to sleep. OCPC has SFV Grape classified as an indica, and rightfully so.  I was surprised how little of SFV OG comes through in the high.  There is some elated mood effects and the peaceful feeling usually associated with phenotypes of OG Kush.  However, I would recommend this strain as an evening strain.  The anti-stress properties and mental disconnect are great to ease your mind, while the purple will work to ease your body, helping you to settle in for a snug and serene night’s sleep.

$45/ eighth


1921 Carnegie Ave, 3H

Santa Ana, CA

Grand Daddy Purp from SC Greenz medical marijuana review



Whether it is the Ken Estes original genotype or one of many subsequent knock-offs, Grand Daddy Purp is a highly prized indica strain for people who suffer from severe insomnia or pain at night.  One of the old school strains of the early days of Prop 215, GDP pops up quite frequently in area dispensaries, and it is often worth picking up along the way.

This particular harvest of Grand Daddy Purp is an oddly bright specimen.  Containing none of the trademark purple in the leaves and flowers, this phenotype showed only the topaz hairs and the emerald greenery that usually offset the deep purple of a high grade GDP.  The smell of this harvest is also a bit off-putting.  Instead of the sweet grape cotton candy smell, there is a pungent, rotten grape or berry aroma, like a walk through an orchard in late fall.  There is also an earthy sweetness known to Big Bud that thankfully evens out the otherwise acrid scent.  The buds dried out after even a few days, though they weren’t exactly pillows when I picked them up.  Overall, the look and feel of this bud is unimpressive.

The high too left something to be desired.  At $10 a gram, I didn’t expect top shelf effects.  However, it felt as if I couldn’t smoke enough to get the high I wanted.  GDP is largely felt in the body, as it is best known for helping pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite.  There is little to no cerebral effect, and I found it to be very one dimensional.  However, when looking for physical relief, without the intoxicating side effects, I would steer you toward an indica such as this.  Either way, I would still avoid this harvest of Grand Daddy Purp from SC Greenz.  Even at the price, it is just too little medication in too rough a package.

$50/ 5g

SC Greenz

2433 S. Broadway

Santa Ana, Ca

Blueberry Kush medical marijuana review



Blueberry… sometimes it feels like it is everywhere.  Popping up as genetics in some of my favorite strains.  Ever since its Cup win in 2000, Blueberry has been worming its way through the medical marijuana world, depositing its superior genes in dispensaries across California.  Blueberry Kush doesn’t just bring one widely popular strain, though.  It brings two, buddying up OG Kush with DJ Short’s beloved Blueberry, a pairing also seen listed as Kushberry.

My quad sample, picked up from a private grower, was almost entirely one perfectly trimmed bud.  Much discussion has been floated about the benefits of machine trimmed buds, and it is hard to argue against with results this fine.  With no extraneous leaf material, the dense structure of the nuggets and the smattering of brown hairs and fine white crystals made this strain aesthetically pleasing.  The long bud was bright green and may have been been protected from the lights by its taller friends, preserving its color.

The buds broke down fluffy and soft.  And talk about sticky.  I had a hard time rolling Blueberry Kush into a blunt or joint because it clung to my fingers and the outside of the blunt itself.  Even after given a chance to dry out after a few days in a baggie, the nuggets were airy but gummy and no easier to handle.  I am hardly listing this as a negative, but I do encourage you to use a grinder.  Along with the stickiness, the smell seems to adhere to fingers as well.  OG Kush brings a sweet pine scent, while Blueberry includes its typical pungent dark berry aroma.  When mixed, the OG Kush mellows and softens the berry flavor of the smoke and makes for sweeter and smoother medicating experience.

Blueberry Kush is an indica dominant hybrid, and even with the presence of some sativa traits, it is clearly best used as a sundown strain.  The high is immediately cerebral and, at higher doses, becomes spacy and euphoric.  I often found myself floating off into a dreamy state, reminiscent of the moments just before or after sleep.  When used later in the day, it makes for a pleasant and seamless transition from your hectic day to a relaxed night’s sleep.  As with other indica dominants, there is also effective pain relief and appetite stimulation.  My achy old knee injury has been feeling the colder weather blowing through, and Blueberry Kush was an effective mask for the joint discomfort I felt.  I experimented with dosing through the day, and at lower levels, this strain is manageable as a daytime high, matching the introspection with an electric body buzz.  However, it won’t take much, so watch out for the daydreaming.  When used in higher amounts to medicate at bedtime, Blueberry Kush proves its worth as a repose from insomnia and stress, banishing the nagging reminders racing in our mind that keep us awake nights.

Juicy Fruit from Emerald Care medical marijuana review



Juicy Fruit (aka Fruity Juice) comes in this week from Emerald Care in Santa Ana. I love an uplifting sativa or sativa dominant hybrid, but at times in Orange County, it feels like we are swimming in indicas. Southern California is certainly the land of the OGs. While I’m not adverse to the weighty effects of indicas, I smoke throughout the day, so I can’t be going off for naps every few hours. Thankfully, with just a bit of digging, some sativa gems are found on menus around the OC, and just as I was thinking I wore out the current strain trends, I came across Juicy Fruit.

When I pick my medication from the dispensary, I like to drop my nose into the jars to get a real sense of how the strain will taste and smoke. Unfortunately, Emerald Care some time ago began to prepackage their eighths in sealed bags. I knew most of the buds on their shelf: the Blue Dreams and Super Lemon Hazes and GDPs. I’ve seen them before and know their unique smells. Juicy Fruit though was a mystery. All the reviews in the world can’t justify that first moment of interacting with a strain, and I was eager to get my donation home.

Juicy Fruit is a dark green bud with very light orange hairs. This harvest is a bit under-trimmed and the buds are lightened by the undersides of a few extraneous leaves. However, they are pleasantly frosted and become visually soft. Although this bud is mostly sativa, you can sense the Afghani indica in the nugget’s shape and the fluffiness with which it breaks down. The taste and smell are tropical and sweet: a fruity concoction sipped beachside. However, when smoked, this harvest loses much of that flavor after the green hit, and a few times I even caught a sour burning note at the end, a familiar smell. Sure enough, I found a seed. Then I found a second. By the time I finished my eighth, I had nearly a dozen striped seeds, enough to grow a nice little hedgerow. When I was buying goodness knows what strain from a dealer, I could expect to find a quantity of seeds. However, at $40 an eighth, finding this many seeds is unacceptable. In the previous year, I’d found a total of 3 seeds in my medication. In this bag-11.

The high was unexpectedly heady. Based just on aesthetics, I figured this to be an uplifting sativadominanat hybrid. I was wrong. There is much more of that Afghani than I anticipated, and when smoked late in the day, Juicy Fruit twice put me down for an unplanned nap. I enjoyed it as a lazy morning smoke on the weekends and relished in the joyful, introspective high, but I had a hard time accomplishing a thing during the work week. Juicy Fruit is effective for pain relief and insomnia, though not as heavy and incapacitating as a full indica. Like most indica/sativa hybrids, this balanced strain brings in qualities of both to create a rounded body and mind medicating experience.

$40/ eighth

Emerald Care Collective

1820 E. Garry Ave. #204

Santa Ana, Ca

Black Out from Saddleback Organics medical marijuana review



An indica dominant hybrid, Black Out comes to us from Saddleback Organics in Santa Ana.  I had been having a hard time sleeping, so I was looking specifically for a heavy, knock out indica.  After checking Weedmaps, I decided to grab some Louie XIII and check out this dispensary as a first time patient (FTP).  When I got to Saddleback Organics, the jar of Louis was more or less empty of buds and was mostly sticks and shake.  The budtender said he could get an eighth out of it, but I decided to pass and went with their other ultra-top shelf indica, Black Out, since it looked to be in much better condition.

Black Out is a hybrid of Black Domina and Amnesia Haze and carries with it mostly indica traits.  This comes from the Black Domina, a dense, dark green bud that is heavy with brown hairs.  Prevailing in this hybrid, Black Domina is a sedative high—perfect for my insomnia.  There is some pain relieving effect that is helpful for those nights that you are kept up by soreness or aching.  Pooled with this is Amnesia Haze, the sativa dominant hybrid that won the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup.  Like most sativas, the buds are light and fresh; it is a bright green strain that is floral and herby.  I adore sativa highs for the mood elevation and euphoria, and Amnesia Haze is no different.

When bred into Black Out, these two strains come together with unique saffron like richness in its flavor, with a nice sage after taste.  There is also some slight bergamot citrus from the Amnesia Haze.  It is an easy and pleasant smoke, earthy and smooth.  I felt stoney after a few bowls; my eyes droopy and red.  Because the Black Domina overpowers the Amnesia Haze, this is best used as a night time medication, since it can be narcotic in heavy doses.  If you are already tired or eager for sleep, Black Out is the nightcap you are looking for to get you through the wee hours.  Priced at $55 at Saddleback Organics, this harvest is overpriced, but if you are desperate for a way to end your day and get a good night’s sleep, you may enjoy this strain.

$55/ eighth

Saddleback Organics

1320 E. Saint Andrews Place, suite G

Santa Ana, Ca