Super Lemon Haze wax from OCPC concentrate review



Reviewed before in a marvelous flower from one of my favorite shops, now closed, in Garden Grove,   Super Lemon Haze is a perfectly blended indica/sativa hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.  This time out, we are reviewing a wax medium of this person favorite strain from Orange County Patient Care in Santa Ana.

There isn’t much of the original sweet citrusy zest that you can taste when smoking Super Lemon Haze as a flower.  All thicker wax seems to have an aftertaste for me that takes away from the original essence.  Although it’s not as flavorful as a shatter or a nice green hit of flower, it’s still a light vape with slender hints of sweet citrus and cleaner.  Even out of my Cloud, it was fresh and expansive in the base of my lungs.  It’s not nearly as harsh as a darker wax would be.  This sample from OCPC is a bright brown, but it is visibly shiny with crystals.  It is a great working consistency, where at room temperature it can be handled by hand.  I easily pulled out pieces of this concentrate and rolled it into a small ball to load my vape without a hint of mess, yet it isn’t too dry to create a lush cloud of vapor.

The high off of Super Lemon Haze is well balanced between both sativa and indica effects.  There is a fine social quality to this strain, and even a practiced introvert like me was looking to chat up strangers.  There is a fun quality to SLH that I thoroughly enjoy.  It is a great for mood elevation, and joined with its pain relieving properties from its indica genetics, I could see this strain helping anyone getting over injury or chronic pain that is also experiencing depression as a side effect.

$25/ .5g

Orange Country Patient Care

1921 E. Carnegie, 3H

Santa Ana, Ca