Gravity OG from Wax-R-Us medical marijuana review



This time out, we are taking a look at Gravity OG from Wax-R-Us in Santa Ana.  Not to be confused with Gravity, an extremely high CBD indica strain, this proprietary strain is probably just a rename playing on the popularity of the new Sandra Bullock movie.  The budtender at Wax-R-Us recommended Gravity OG as an uplifting sativa; however, once I got it home, it began to seem more and more like indica/sativa hybrid.

The question then remains: what are the parent genetics of Gravity OG?  At first glance, there is a lot of Blackberry Kush or a similar indica strain in these nuggets.  They are small and dense, a frosty trichrome covered delight.  Under the white crystals, barely seen, is a dark green flower and long, curly amber pistils.  Doughy sweet and fruity, the aroma of this strain is faint and easy to dismiss.  However, in the green hit, Gravity OG comes alive, and the fruitiness becomes over-ripe.  The buds are tight and a grinder or scissors are a necessity to rip them apart evenly.

The high goes immediately to the head and is stoney and mellow.  There is a definite body follow that is relaxing and soothing.  It pulls downward and is heavy in the eyes.  It is hard to be productive with heavy use, and couch lock can easily become a nap.  Although not what I was expecting upon the recommendation, I thoroughly enjoyed Gravity OG.  It is very similar to a Blackberry Kush, a strain I regularly enjoy since moving to the OC, and is a fine representation of this indica hybrid branch.  When used for pain management, it brings with it a euphoria that can help overcome the mental stress that comes with surgery, cancer, or chronic pain.  When used to alleviate anxiety, it works much like a Xanax with its calming, soothing nature.  It is a full mind and body high that takes you to that happiest of places.

$45/ eighth


1820 E. Garry Ave. #117

Santa Ana, Ca