Queen Bee from The Clinic medical marijuana review



Queen Bee comes to us from The Clinic in Santa Ana.  I was looking to split an eighth, and my budtender pulled out a few decent top shelf sativas for me to examine.  She seemed especially excited about Queen Bee and proudly remarked that it smelled like honey.  Upon diving my nose into the jar, a pungent sweetness overcame me.  I wondered if the taste profile would match and had to take it home.  A sativa dominant hybrid, I’m unsure as to the exact genetics coming together in this strain, but as with just about every Queen strain out there, its roots must lie in Cinderella 99.  Cindy in any of its forms is not a bud to be taken lightly.  She brings Jack Herer with her to the table, and this is part of why Cinderella 99 makes Queen strains so potent.

When I got Queen Bee home, I noticed the dark tone to the greenery and the abundance of amber hairs.  Decidedly darker than Cinderella 99, it seems that this mystery hybrid gained some indica aesthetics as well.  The nuggets were loose and flakey when handled and filled a blunt evenly.  Nothing is worse than a sativa that breaks down unevenly and makes for a lumpy blunt.  The buds aren’t overly sticky and visually seem pretty plain.  However, Cinderella is about surprising you, and the scent and taste were where this bud buckled on her fancy shoes.  Queen Bee is quite sweet, almost sickly so.  I liken it to a tropical flower’s nectar.  It is sensual and engaging.  However, an attentive nose will notice a rotten berry scent as well.  The taste mimics this, and Queen Bee is an intriguing smoke.  Honey isn’t exactly what comes across, but I could certainly see where that originates from.

Queen Bee is a delightfully silly high.  I laughed often, and who doesn’t need that?  It was uplifting and energetic.  I was able to accomplish quite a bit for a daytime smoke, which is exactly why I always bring home at least one sativa each trip to the dispensary.  However, the more I smoked, the more intense the effects exponentially became.  Before long I became hazy and dream like, but my mind raced with ideas.  I had the pleasure of smoking this strain across a full day, and like sunlight on the canyons here in the OC, the high seemed to change by the hour.  Yet as strong as the effects became, I never felt tired or unable to focus.  It didn’t couch lock me like an indica would, and I was able to remain useful throughout the day.


The Clinic

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