Grape Wreck from ABC Cooperative medical marijuana review


This week we are reviewing Grape Wreck from ABC Cooperative in Garden Grove.  I’ve driven past this collective many times headed to Zen O.C. and other nearby dispensaries, but I had no idea it existed until a few days ago.  I get paid every other week, so I go from rich to poor and back in my weed habits pretty quick.  Last week I was smoking $55 eighths; this week I have forty bucks to my name.  After checking weedmaps for a menu fitting my tighter budget, I came across ABC Cooperative.  They had a wide variety of strain prices, including several at $20 an eighth and under.

I chose an Indica dominant hybrid, as I tend to do, as well as a couch lock Indica, Blackberry OG.  Each 1/8 cost me a twenty, and I felt like I made out well.  Grape Wreck is a mix of Grape Ape and Trainwreck.  A heavy Indica dominant hybrid, this strain will give a weighted stoned effect.  I was often dazed and forgetful.  Physically, the high was quite present as a pain killer.  It wasn’t overpowering though, and of the two strains I picked up, I felt it was the better daytime pain relief.  Thanks in part to the Trainwreck lineage, there is an uplifting, talkative quality as well.

The nuggets I got in my eighth weren’t spectacular or interesting.  They were average in size for most dispensary strains, and although you could see a shine to them under the light, they weren’t very frosty.  They were, however, very sticky to the touch and often pieces would stick to my fingers when I broke it up.  It had a white grape scent, like a flavored cigarillo or a poor white wine.  It was funky and sour smelling.  Not very pleasant.  However, for $20 an eighth, it is an exceptional deal.  It took a bit extra to get a satisfactory high, but at that price, I didn’t feel guilty throwing it in a blunt or joint.

Grape Wreck= $20/ eighth

ABC Cooperative

13139 Brookhurst St. Suite D

Garden Grove, CA 92843