MediZen’s Gummy California Apples edible review



While wandering around the LA Cannabis Cup, I stumbled on a corner booth laden with row after row of vibrant gummy treats.  Personally, I happen to be addicted to gummy anything, so my attention was caught.  Sliding through the crowd, I concluded to take a closer look.

They were selling C02 infused edibles from MediZen.  I decided upon the California Apples, assuming with some sarcasm that they would taste like going to Oak Glen, California, to the apple farms.  In truth, they were nothing more than the candies I used to get from the nickel candy shop down the street growing up–non-medicated, of course.  These little disks come in sour green and sweet red apple, and now there is a grown up version infused with what the packaging calls “Standard MMJ Extract”.  They were a very soft and fresh edible, bursting with either a sweet Red Delicious or a slightly sour Granny Smith apple taste.  A rich gummy treat, there was some lingering bitterness from the cannabis.

Each package contains approximately 300 mg of THC.  This makes for 20 mg each candy.  Using smaller candies as the edible made for an incredibly variable medicating experience.  I had total control and could use fewer or more sours to fine tune my medicating.  I got three complete dosings of 100 mg.  Even those I was able to spread out, by eating the candies two at a time at intervals throughout the work day.

I experienced a body dominant high that manifested first in the neck and limbs.  There wasn’t much in head or eyes, and I found psychosomatic effects to be minimal.  This made for an effective respite from joint and muscle pain during work, when I couldn’t be too impaired.  Although there was noticeable body relief, there was no couch lock at my doses.  Instead it was a mellow and relaxing way to ease aches and soreness.  A soothing and unwinding edible, it was also useful for anti-anxiety as well.  I’ve seen comparable edibles with less THC and higher price points elsewhere in the OC.  Instead, grab some of MediZen’s products and get more for less.

$15/ package of 15


MJ’s Wild Nectar: Natural Raw Honey edible review



MJ’s Wild Nectar is my first foray into the world of tinctures.  Although I have seen tinctures by many brands in the dispensaries, I had always been told they are mostly effective for body pain.  This has turned me away from them, since I use cannabis primarily for psychosomatic symptoms.  This week, however, my arthritis has been flaring up much more than usual.  I have been on my computer non-stop for work, and my wrists, elbows, and shoulders have all felt the ache.  I went out to OCPC looking specifically for pain relief, and that is what I found.

MJ’s is a glycerine-based tincture, so since it doesn’t have the shelf life of an alcohol base, you should plan on placing it in the refrigerator once you get it home.  You can leave it out, but I wouldn’t wait forever to use it all if you do, considering it is all natural and doesn’t contain preservatives.  Also due to its glycerine base, these tinctures are overwhelmingly saccharine to taste.  I donated for the raw honey flavor, and when dropped on the tongue with the included dropper, it was a rush of honeycomb sweetness.  For those without an inclination for sweets, this might be too much to take.  When dropped into a cup of hot tea, however, the sugariness takes on purpose, gently adding to the drink.  And because it is vegetable glycerine, diabetics can feel comfortable using it as a sweetener as well.

Whether enjoyed from the dropper or mixed into a beverage, MJ’s Wild Nectar will provide potent body relief, due to its high concentration of CBD.  More effective than a pair of Aleve, this tincture won’t affect you cerebrally and stays in the muscles and joints.  A few dropper fulls will also help bust migraines or more severe headaches.  It is not a narcotic, overwhelming high, and leaves you feeling healthful, not medicated.  More and more, companies are focusing on CBD and  CBC, now known to spark brain cell growth,  rich products.  With the numerous health benefits they provide without the intoxicating effects of THC, there is little surprise patients have grown keen on the health returns medications like MJ’s Wild Nectar can offer.

$15 a bottle/ OCPC

Trikom Treat brownie edible review



I see Trikom Treats at quite a few area dispensaries, and although I often get the 25mgs samples thrown in with my donation, I usually don’t think much of them and just pop them in my drawer at home or eat them on the spot.  Bite sized anything doesn’t last long around me.

On a recent trip to a new dispensary, a sample of Trikom Treat’s brownie worked it’s way into my bag, part of my first time patient deal.  As usual, I forgot all about it, and after a day down the shore, I stopped at a coffee shop to wait while traffic died down.  While digging for my laptop charger, I came across the sample and decided to pair it with my coffee.

Edibles are a tricky thing.  The first mistake this one made is topping it with walnuts: partly because I’m grumpy about nuts on my brownie and partly because it excludes people with very real tree nut allergies.  Second was the masking of the cannabis butter taste.  While I don’t mind the slight hint of marijuana in my edibles, this was too much.  The taste was almost bitter, and it made me glad I had my coffee to wash it down.

At only 25mgs of cannabinoids, its is difficult to judge what a full sized dose of this Trikom Treat would do for you.  I tried to refrain from medicating before or after using it.  The effects were minimal, but present.  The high is light as air, uplifting and calm.  I had few cares, and it was great for anxiety or depression, clearing them away, so I could get to work.  There wasn’t much in the body: a light reverberation on the skin, but nothing overwhelming.  In the end, it was on par with a bowl of pretty fine weed, but extended like edibles will be.

Buddha’s Best Chocolate Lover’s Ecstasy edible review



Buddha’s Best claims to be the strongest edible on the market.  I’ve eaten 3X Bhang Bars and whole Cheeba Chews and various cookies, lemon bars, and brownies  in single sittings, so I see this very much as a challenge.  It is 4 doses, so eating half of it right off, I expected it to kick in quickly.  Although edibles take one hour to fully take effect, you will not peak for several hours.  I hadn’t eaten, so the effects began after about twenty minutes.  I was already a bit medicated, but when the edible slowly crept in, I noticed it.  I put on a movie and settled down in my chair.

The packaging only specified that it contained 200 mg of THC, so I wasn’t sure exactly what effects to expect.  Immediately I began to feel weight in my shoulders and legs.  There was lightheadedness that wasn’t overwhelming.  At first most of the high is in the body and is effective for both pain management and muscle relaxation.  This is followed by a dryness and droop in the eyes and eventual redness.  Edibles make me especially drowsy, and I make sure never to drive or need to be alert for quite some time when I use them.  The body effects are followed for me by chattiness and sociability.  My preferred edibles use 50/50 hybrids, so I can treat all my symptoms at once.  This seems to be the case with the Buddha’s Best.  However, unless clearly stated by the manufacturer, it’s impossible to tell.  About three hours in, a narcotic body buzz takes over.  After a long day working on my computer, my shoulders and wrists are aching to the bones.  Although the pain is still there, it’s been alleviated quicker and more thoroughly than with a pair of ibuprofen.  The high would eventually level out with a warm body buzz and some disconnect, which is nice after long hours put in at any job.  The high effects lasted over 5 hours, and by using only half the cookie, I was able to medicate again the next day.  For the price, you get four suggested doses lasting about 6 or so hours each.

The chocolate chip cookie is thick and doughy, and although there is an after taste of cannabis, the Ghirardelli chocolate chips and frosting more than mask most of it.  It is a damn good cookie, and regardless of whether or not I was medicating, I’d eat it just on taste.  Enjoyed with a cup of coffee or glass of milk, it is a perfect pairing.  It is made using all natural ingredients and, of course, cannabis butter, which I find to be less overwhelming than hash oil in edibles, so you should feel comfortable medicating daily with Buddha’s Best if needed.  As to whether it is the strongest edible on the market, they certainly have one of the highest mg of THC per dose numbers in the dispensaries.  Nevertheless, whether using small doses for daily ache or arthritis management or larger doses for more moderate pain, the Chocolate Lover’s Ecstasy will help you relieve your pain and offers a nice mood elevation to ease you through your recovery.

$12 per edible from One Love in Santa Ana.