Buddha’s Best White Chocolate Macadamia edible review



I have addressed Buddha’s Best’s claim about being the “strongest edible on the market” in the past.  I still hold that both by dose and by total edible cannabinoids, this simply isn’t true.  Chronic Catering has them by over 20 mgs per edible.  However, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares.  Buddha’s Best makes what is frankly one of the tastiest edibles on the market.  They use all natural ingredients, as most medibles do.  In this world of overly processed foods, it is refreshing to eat anything with simple, honest ingredients, instead of chemicals.

Buddha’s Best makes a thick, doughy cookie.  It is a bit messy with the crumbles on top.  But the Ghiradelli white chocolate is melt in your mouth delicious.  There is the slightly unsettling green color to deal with.  But that just means it’s packed with medicine.  It is a very dense cookie, and this keeps you from overeating too much in one dose.  Its decadent flavor is a rich treat to be enjoyed in small, high potency pieces.

This edible gave me a nice relaxing high: perfect for unwinding after a long day.  The high rolls in easy, and it builds rather than hits, making medicating with it less jarring.  It’s a bit heady.  And these cerebral effects were manifested in a very chatty and giggly high.  There were strong aural to body sensations, so listening to music was an intense experience.  I found it to be stoney, but I was still focused with low doses.  A nibble here, a gobble there, and I had tailored medicating all day long.  Because of the strength of the suggested doses, it doesn’t take much if you are looking for minor relief.  I’ve never needed more than half a cookie in any one session, making its price tag all the more reasonable.

$12/ The Clinic

Dark Chocolate and Popping Candy 4.20 Bar from The Venice Cookie Company edible review



Seeing this bar in my local dispensary was quite a blast from the past, since Pop Rocks were a large part of my childhood.  I had to take this edible home, if for nothing more than the nostalgia, and I couldn’t wait to try it.  Because we all know that Pop Rocks mixed with soda will make your stomach explode, I decided to take this snack to the local coffeehouse to wash it down with a latte.  The first bite off the bar erupted in my mouth.  It was like eating a Krackle bar that wouldn’t stop krackling, as the candies popped their way across my tongue.  Mixed in with this tactile experience was a nice dark chocolate taste, whose bitterness mixed with the cannabis bite to mask it.  The whole candy bar has just four ingredients: dark chocolate, popping candy, corn syrup, and cannabis.  This shows a simplicity in this complicated world that I can respect.

The serving sizes per dose are small, which is good if you are watching your sugar and calorie intake.  A single segment is only 25 calories, meaning there are more mgs of THC per piece than calories.  Each bar contains 180 mg of THC total from 4.2 grams of dried cannabis.   I intended on eating a third of the bar, a 60 mg dose.  However, I broke off an extra piece in my mouth and medicated with half the bar.  Whoops!  Though a 90 mg edible is hardly unheard of, it was more than was needed from this effective edible.

The 4.20 Bar has a real easy come on.  It was hardly noticeable, until suddenly it was there.  The high started soft in the joints, which was followed shortly by an uplifting, pleasant mood.  I hate the not-really-a-word word melty.  But this edible’s high is physically melty.  Only an invented word can describe it.  It also heightened the senses, making everything enjoyable, and offered great visual and aural effects.  My skin absolutely came alive.  It was a bit locky.  I ate my half and slowly lost the will to work as it kicked in.  Not that I’m complaining.  I spent several moments enjoying open eye visuals as the the sun played off a fountain near by.  I’ve been rush, rush, rushing lately for my many jobs and responsibilities.  Even my free time, as infrequent as it came along, was invaded by thoughts of what needed to be done.  It was a dear euphoria to find myself drifting off in a daydream with not a single thought on my mind.  In today’s world, who doesn’t need this every once in a while.  There was a glow about the high that rubbed off on everyone I came in contact with.  For pain sufferers, don’t think your relief is ignored with the high THC count.  There is just enough CBD and CBN to encourage physical wellbeing, too.  Regardless of your medicating needs, The Venice Cookie Company has got you covered.

$15/ Re-Up in Santa Ana

Auntie Dolores Caramel Corn edible review



When it comes to edibles, it is a largely unregulated field.  Auntie Dolores uses Halent Scientific, one of the most popular cannabis testing labs, to test their edibles for both cannabinoid content and contaminants.  This ensures even, reliable medicating with every use.  It is this trustworthiness and transparency that creates repeat customers in this market.  And I know I’ll be a fan of Auntie D for life.

Auntie Dolores has a wide variety of edibles on the market: including brownie bites, pretzels, and nuts.  The caramel corn contains 127 mgs of thc and a total of over 145 mgs of cannabinoids.  I broke the bag into two doses of about 65 mgs of thc.  This proved to be more than enough for half a day of medication.  A patient could easily get 4 doses per package, depending on tolerance.

 Auntie Dolores uses all natural, gluten free ingredients.  This doesn’t mean that these snacks are good for you, but at 160 calories, they are more healthful than most treats out there, medicated or not.  Sweet, smooth, and tasty, each piece melts in the mouth.  There is a very limited smell and taste of cannabis.  The caramel is decadent, and the popcorn is high quality.  There are no small pieces or unpopped kernels to get stuck in your teeth or crack a crown.

The high offered from this edible is very uplifting and talkative.  It then transitioned into a euphoric and pleasing haze, the potency of which depended on dose.  The body relief is overshadowed, but still effective, and very energetic.  This is clearly a sativa leaning high, and like other Auntie Dolores products, it is known for being long lasting.  I found this edible to be most efficient when using it to find respite from stress, anxiety, and depression.  Its cerebral and mood altering expressions are just what those suffering from mental illness need to function day to day, and it is less invasive than a Zoloft each day.

I had the pleasure of using this medicated popcorn during work and out on a boat off the OC coast.  Edibles are convenient in their discretion, and I felt like I could comfortably medicate any where.  The long lasting sativa high also transitions well between work and play, making these treats an essential addition to my day.

$15/ bag.

Milf n’ Cookies Luscious Lemon edible review



I’ve seen the Milk n’ Cookies line of edibles in several area dispensaries in the past, but I was never drawn enough to donate for one.  Something about this particular delight called to me.  It could have been the red lips and the use of a seductive word like luscious.  However, it was just as likely the presence of alliteration in the name and the fact that it rounded out my donation to exact change.  Either way, this lemon treat was coming home with me.

To keep the family away from my medibles and an accidental dosing by someone with a sweet tooth, I tend not to keep them in the fridge at home.  This can unfortunately have a negative effect on the freshness of these baked goods.  This little beauty looked too delectable, so I dug into it right away.  No indicators as to THC or other cannabinoid counts of the product exist on the packaging, and there was no way to know what I was in for.  There was also no list of full ingredients, although there is an allergy warning, so be aware. Helpful advice on the back warns against consuming too much and tells you what to do if you do.  All this can be avoided with a mg count on the label.   The packaging says “Very Potent”, but I’m always up for a challenge.  And like any good reviewer, I ate the entire edible slowly over an hour, with some Earl Grey tea.

The moist, doughy crust and gelatin like lemon top reminded me of a lemon meringue pie, without the meringue.  There was no cannabis taste, which I appreciated.  The Clinic kept it in their cooler, so it was fresh, and the plastic tub it comes in keeps it from getting smushed.  My fingers became a bit greasy when I was eating it, but it was nothing a napkin or wipe on the jeans couldn’t handle.  It had a nice, slightly acidic lemon taste and absolutely deliquesced in my mouth.  Medicated or not, I’d grab one of these from a local bakery just for the delicacy of it.

Eaten on an empty stomach, it worked its way into an easy high within the first 20 minutes.  There then came a melting in the neck and shoulders.  I felt loose in the ligaments.  This was followed by red eyes, and I was a bit light headed.  Then the high became strong in the body.  It was lazy, dreamy, but not sleepy.  It was the high equivalent of laying in a sunny window.  Eventually, it became almost narcotic and disconnected.  The peak was intense, very indica.  Body relief was superior and appreciated after a long week of work.  As I came down, I had a voracious case of the munchies and sativa like happiness again.  It was a broad spectrum high, starting and ending the same.  For the price, if you are only interested in THC content or severity of high, I’d look on the next shelf and grab a Buddha’s Best or Bhang Bar.  However, if you are interested in taste, few other companies do a lemon bar as flavorful as Milf n’ Cookies.

$12/ The Clinic

Auntie Dolores 100 Bite triple chocolate brownie bite medical edible review



Auntie Dolores medible products are regrettably unavailable at my usual dispensaries in Orange County.  Because of this, I have had to wait until the recent Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino to sample these delectable sweets.  I had some trouble locating their booth, tucked away as it was along the outside row, but I’m sure glad I finally did.  The staff working the Cup booth were personable and eager to help me find the best medicated edibles.

The 100 mg brownie bite from Auntie Dolores is the perfect strength single dose when looking for a strong, lasting medication.  I felt comfortable using this all natural product, knowing it was made with only the purest ingredients.  I settled in with my brownie bite and a steaming hot cup of coffee, looking to unwind after a long week.  I found the small, round treat to be a bit dry and crumbly–stale, but not entirely unenjoyable.  It was incredibly chocolaty, with only the slightest notion of a cannabis taste–not bad considering it is the first ingredient.  This trace hint of bitter herbal flavor blended well with the chocolate and left me with a fudgy, decadent aftertaste.

On a mostly empty stomach, the high began after only half an hour and was all smiles.  There was a certain haziness, which created a dreamlike perception, perfect for stress relief and fighting depression.  This disconnect helps to escape triggers, even if just for a few hours.  This head high is mirrored by a buzzing, electric body high.  While pain relief isn’t as powerful as some CBD heavy products on the market, it works if you are looking for a complementing edible that will offer mixed benefits.  After a floating, giggly high, I was left heavy and with drooping eyes.  Eaten after a light dinner, this little bite-sized edible lifted me up for an anxiety free and mellow evening, before dropping me back down for a deep, invigorating night’s sleep.

$10/ 100 mg brownie bite

Doc’s Delights Mint Chocolate Cookie edible review



I’ve had Doc’s Delights edibles in the past, but I thought that this time through, with nothing else to do, I’d take the time to settle in and review one.  I received this chocolate mint cookie as a FTP gift from Second Story.  The packaging is generic and unexciting and gives no product information, other than the name and legal disclaimers.  Typically, I would pass on branding like this, never knowing the product’s qualifications.

Second Story doesn’t keep their edibles in a cooler, and by the time I got this cookie home, it was pretty dry.  The frosting had also melted to the package, as you can see from the picture, which both made a mess and ruined some of the appeal.  Despite being dry, the chocolate mint flavor of the cookie was enjoyable, and the taste was clean of the typical cannabis bitterness.  Enjoyed with a tall, cold glass of milk, I medicated with this edible one night while watching a movie, and it was a delicious after dinner treat.

Since the package didn’t specify the mgs of THC contained in this edible, I wasn’t sure of the dosing.  I took it on a full stomach, and it took well over a full hour to kick in.  After the movie, I enjoyed some records while working in my office.  The high was smooth and groovy at this point, an uplifting sativa buzz.  I was energized and couldn’t sleep.  I also listed red eyes and dry mouth among the negative side effects.  After about four hours, I began to crash, and I feel right to sleep for a solid night’s rest.

$5 at Second Story

Chronic Catering’s Lemon Bar edible review



They always tell you to only eat half the edible and wait an hour before eating the other half.  That’s the one golden rule of edibles.  Reading the package to determine the recommended portion size helps as well.  Last time I donated for one of Chronic Catering’s lemon bars, I did neither of these things.  Before going out to dinner with family, I grabbed one of these babies from the fridge and ate it on the way to Outback.  By the time we were finished with our Bloomin’ Onion, I could feel a nice chatty sativa high.  Once dinner came, I could feel the heavy downward pull of an indica as well.  These lemon bars are especially even keeled early on. I made it all the way through dinner, and although I couldn’t stop myself from dominating the conversation, I like to think that I was keeping it together.

It is once I was home that this edible put me under.  I made the mistake of having a beer with my steak, but that aside, this thing bowled me over.  Literally.  I started off sitting on the couch and watching a movie.  I ended in the fetal position, the room spinning and my stomach trying to reject dinner and the lemon bar, like a college kid expelling his one too many beers.  This happens to me most when I mix heavy amounts of liquor and cannabis, and for that reason, I try to safely avoid mixing them, as there is really no need.  All I could do was ride it through the climax.  Which I did in about an hour, after which, I got the munchies, watched some Netflix and went to bed.  The lesson I walked away with was to respect these edibles.  At 240 mgs, they are one of the most medicated edibles you can buy in a single package, made with a gram of bubble hash each.

When I donated for another one of Chronic Catering’s lemon bars my last trip to PSA, I promised myself I would be responsible.  I walked down to the coffee shop with my laptop and brought the lemon bar to have with my drink while I worked.  I’d just nibble on the bar a bit while I finished up some tasks, then I’d write the review when it kicked in.  The usually moist crust was dry and hard, but this is entirely my fault for keeping it in my drawer, rather than the fridge, but we have guests at the moment, and I don’t want to go through an accidental dosing right now.  After a couple days out of the cooler, it lost much of its freshness.  I’d suggest picking one of these up only if you can use it right away or keep it chilly.  Still, the lemon bar was tasty. The ingredients make you feel good about it as well: eggs, flour, lemon juice, sugar, infused butter.  There is one ingredient that simply says “flavorings”, but I’m sure it’s not as malicious as my wandering mind likes to make it.  Overall, it is a great tasting edible.  Bravo to the baker!  However, this led to me eating ¾ of the edible before even noticing.  I quickly packed it away in my computer bag before the munchies got the best of me.  I’ve only ever had Chronic Catering’s lemon bars, though they have a wide selection of different baked goods.  I can only assume they are just as all natural and tasty and potent.

Even though I consumed more than I intended, the high this time was much more relaxed.  After a quick burst of creativity and an euphoric sense of well being, The high again became narcotic and heavy.  Slowing me down and making me spacy.  It became harder to focus on any one thing.  There were some interesting light and audio effects as well.  This is one of those long hypnotic highs that extends time.  When taken in small doses during the day, this edible would be great for pain relief and anxiety, since it brings a narcotic body buzz and disconnected mindset, without making you clumsy and stoned.  At higher doses, they could be enjoyed on the back porch in the evening, encouraging chatty discussion, before gently putting you to sleep when the time is right.  Either way you enjoy it, I’d recommend these lemon bars as a great smokeless alternative to add to your medicating routine.

$25/ 1g Chronic Catering Lemon Bar from PSA in Santa Ana.

Baked Lollipop medical marijuana edible review




I usually pass on medicated jolly ranchers or lollipops when I see them in dispensaries.  The taste is usually bitter, and they seem to eat at the inside of my cheeks.  However, when I’m given one to try for free with my donation.  Well… free is free.  Tossed in my bag as an afterthought, I nearly forgot about it until this afternoon.  It was heating up inside the house, so i reached in my drawer, grabbed it out, and headed for the beach.

The label is unmarked by a manufacturer’s logo, and if it didn’t say they contained 65 mgs of cannabinoids on the jar from where my budtender grabbed it, I never would have known.  The flavor she gave me was strawberry and lime.  I was expecting a tropical delight.  What I received was a one way ticket to diabetes town.  The first two ingredients were sugar and corn syrup.  This would explain the overwhelming candy sweetness.  There was also a buttery smooth follow from the cannabis butter listed in the third ingredient.  Candies seem to have the hardest time covering up the harsh cannabis flavor in edibles, and this product is no different, though it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

The high was relaxing and easy.  It is a huge product, and it took me well over an hour to consume it.  This helped ease in the high, rather than having it hit all at once.  While I wasn’t overly impressed by the outcome, it was certainly noticeable.  Someone with a lighter tolerance may be affected more.  There was a physical relief in the body high, and a slight pulsing with the heartbeat.  I felt drowsy, and my eyes were red.  I was just finishing it when the sun went down, and the visual effects were nice in the changing colors.  It seems to be a pretty rounded high, affecting both the mind and body and stimulating the senses.  The high wasn’t hazy at all, and I was able to stop and work on my trip back home at a local coffeeshop.

Overall, it was a fine medicating experience.  Edibles are a nice way to be discreet in public; though being a grown man with a lolly stick in my mouth is probably more obvious than using my vape pen.  Takes longer, tastes worse, and costs more than my pen, too.  Rather than spend the $10 price tag on this edible, I’d grab one of any number of comparable and better done choices PSA carries.  If not that, then buy a low shelf gram and just roll a blunt.

$10/ lollipop


1536 E. Warner Ave, Suite B

Santa Ana, Ca