Green Dream shatter from Second Story concentrate review



This sample of Green Dream shatter comes to us from HGH extractions, a multiple award winning LA based extraction company.  Over the last few months, I’ve come to recognize HGH as the absolute leader in creating quality extractions.   This concentrate is a BHO extract, which many people fear to be unhealthy.  When done right, BHO extraction is safe.  And this is shatter done right.

Green Dream is a cross between two sativas: Green Crack and Blue Dream.  I’ve also seen it on menus as Blue Crack.  It is a well designed hybrid looking to capitalize on each parent’s dominating effects–both in taste and effect.

When I first picked this up from Second Story, it was a real glass-like shatter.  My half gram was made up of one big burnt-amber colored chunk and some smaller slivers and shards that had broken off it.  When I got it home, it became soft and tacky in warm weather, and my office sits in our powerful Orange County afternoon sun.  The longer I had it, the more the consistency changed to that of a wax, feeling soft and buttery.  It became cloudier as well.  The taste profile again is balanced between the two parent strains, combining Blue Dream’s dark berry flavor with the tropical sweetness of Green Crack.

This strain hits at mach speed as a concentrate, and I felt the effects on the exhale.  Blue Dream brings a spacey and creative high, that doesn’t hesitate to add relief and comfort to the body, too.  Green Crack, on the other hand, can be energetic and productive sativa.  Either late at night or in the early morning, this medicates like a cup of coffee.  But relaxing, so with a little added whiskey for good measure.  I found it to be all at once dreamy but engaging.  It is much more clear headed than Blue Dream alone.  More stoney than just Green Crack.

Sadly, I only got a half gram this trip.  If I knew the kind of high it spawned, I would have donated for more.  Be sure to swing by Second Story and grab yours quick.  It won’t last long.

$40/ .5g

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave., #221

Santa Ana, CA

Auntie Dolores Caramel Corn edible review



When it comes to edibles, it is a largely unregulated field.  Auntie Dolores uses Halent Scientific, one of the most popular cannabis testing labs, to test their edibles for both cannabinoid content and contaminants.  This ensures even, reliable medicating with every use.  It is this trustworthiness and transparency that creates repeat customers in this market.  And I know I’ll be a fan of Auntie D for life.

Auntie Dolores has a wide variety of edibles on the market: including brownie bites, pretzels, and nuts.  The caramel corn contains 127 mgs of thc and a total of over 145 mgs of cannabinoids.  I broke the bag into two doses of about 65 mgs of thc.  This proved to be more than enough for half a day of medication.  A patient could easily get 4 doses per package, depending on tolerance.

 Auntie Dolores uses all natural, gluten free ingredients.  This doesn’t mean that these snacks are good for you, but at 160 calories, they are more healthful than most treats out there, medicated or not.  Sweet, smooth, and tasty, each piece melts in the mouth.  There is a very limited smell and taste of cannabis.  The caramel is decadent, and the popcorn is high quality.  There are no small pieces or unpopped kernels to get stuck in your teeth or crack a crown.

The high offered from this edible is very uplifting and talkative.  It then transitioned into a euphoric and pleasing haze, the potency of which depended on dose.  The body relief is overshadowed, but still effective, and very energetic.  This is clearly a sativa leaning high, and like other Auntie Dolores products, it is known for being long lasting.  I found this edible to be most efficient when using it to find respite from stress, anxiety, and depression.  Its cerebral and mood altering expressions are just what those suffering from mental illness need to function day to day, and it is less invasive than a Zoloft each day.

I had the pleasure of using this medicated popcorn during work and out on a boat off the OC coast.  Edibles are convenient in their discretion, and I felt like I could comfortably medicate any where.  The long lasting sativa high also transitions well between work and play, making these treats an essential addition to my day.

$15/ bag.

Jack Herer x OG Kush from Second Story medical marijuana review



What?!  Jack Herer and OG Kush are available in a single hybrid.  Like peanut butter and chocolate.  Like peanut butter and jelly.  Or crackers.  Or celery.  When you think about it, peanut butter and just about anything.  These two strains were practically made for each other, and now they are together at last.

These buds have tons of orange/brown hairs and rich amber trichromes.  Beneath this lies lime green flower and some dark green leaf.  It is an aesthetically gorgeous strain, very earthy, with all the colors of the forest.  The scent is also woody and pine, dominant profiles in both parent strains.  There is a faint sour skunk, but it is an afterthought.  Overall, Jack and OG come together to create a delightfully spicy and exotic smoke.  Like incense, the smell is alluring.  The taste is equally earthy.  The green hit is a rush of resinous pine wood and bark spice, like vanilla or saffron.

After smoking this hybrid, I was all smiles and creativity.  There are really two separate highs going on here: OG Kush’s mellow, no cares attitude and Jack’s clearheaded productivity.  Just like any other sativa dominant, it is a great daytime high.  From wake n’ bake to sundown, and even into a night out on the town, Jack Herer and OG Kush will work together to ease your anxiety, whatever its source, and will even lift your mood.  For patients looking for complete psychosomatic relief, this could be your strain.

$45/ eighth

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave. #221

Santa Ana, CA

Milf n’ Cookies Luscious Lemon edible review



I’ve seen the Milk n’ Cookies line of edibles in several area dispensaries in the past, but I was never drawn enough to donate for one.  Something about this particular delight called to me.  It could have been the red lips and the use of a seductive word like luscious.  However, it was just as likely the presence of alliteration in the name and the fact that it rounded out my donation to exact change.  Either way, this lemon treat was coming home with me.

To keep the family away from my medibles and an accidental dosing by someone with a sweet tooth, I tend not to keep them in the fridge at home.  This can unfortunately have a negative effect on the freshness of these baked goods.  This little beauty looked too delectable, so I dug into it right away.  No indicators as to THC or other cannabinoid counts of the product exist on the packaging, and there was no way to know what I was in for.  There was also no list of full ingredients, although there is an allergy warning, so be aware. Helpful advice on the back warns against consuming too much and tells you what to do if you do.  All this can be avoided with a mg count on the label.   The packaging says “Very Potent”, but I’m always up for a challenge.  And like any good reviewer, I ate the entire edible slowly over an hour, with some Earl Grey tea.

The moist, doughy crust and gelatin like lemon top reminded me of a lemon meringue pie, without the meringue.  There was no cannabis taste, which I appreciated.  The Clinic kept it in their cooler, so it was fresh, and the plastic tub it comes in keeps it from getting smushed.  My fingers became a bit greasy when I was eating it, but it was nothing a napkin or wipe on the jeans couldn’t handle.  It had a nice, slightly acidic lemon taste and absolutely deliquesced in my mouth.  Medicated or not, I’d grab one of these from a local bakery just for the delicacy of it.

Eaten on an empty stomach, it worked its way into an easy high within the first 20 minutes.  There then came a melting in the neck and shoulders.  I felt loose in the ligaments.  This was followed by red eyes, and I was a bit light headed.  Then the high became strong in the body.  It was lazy, dreamy, but not sleepy.  It was the high equivalent of laying in a sunny window.  Eventually, it became almost narcotic and disconnected.  The peak was intense, very indica.  Body relief was superior and appreciated after a long week of work.  As I came down, I had a voracious case of the munchies and sativa like happiness again.  It was a broad spectrum high, starting and ending the same.  For the price, if you are only interested in THC content or severity of high, I’d look on the next shelf and grab a Buddha’s Best or Bhang Bar.  However, if you are interested in taste, few other companies do a lemon bar as flavorful as Milf n’ Cookies.

$12/ The Clinic

Auntie Dolores 100 Bite triple chocolate brownie bite medical edible review



Auntie Dolores medible products are regrettably unavailable at my usual dispensaries in Orange County.  Because of this, I have had to wait until the recent Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino to sample these delectable sweets.  I had some trouble locating their booth, tucked away as it was along the outside row, but I’m sure glad I finally did.  The staff working the Cup booth were personable and eager to help me find the best medicated edibles.

The 100 mg brownie bite from Auntie Dolores is the perfect strength single dose when looking for a strong, lasting medication.  I felt comfortable using this all natural product, knowing it was made with only the purest ingredients.  I settled in with my brownie bite and a steaming hot cup of coffee, looking to unwind after a long week.  I found the small, round treat to be a bit dry and crumbly–stale, but not entirely unenjoyable.  It was incredibly chocolaty, with only the slightest notion of a cannabis taste–not bad considering it is the first ingredient.  This trace hint of bitter herbal flavor blended well with the chocolate and left me with a fudgy, decadent aftertaste.

On a mostly empty stomach, the high began after only half an hour and was all smiles.  There was a certain haziness, which created a dreamlike perception, perfect for stress relief and fighting depression.  This disconnect helps to escape triggers, even if just for a few hours.  This head high is mirrored by a buzzing, electric body high.  While pain relief isn’t as powerful as some CBD heavy products on the market, it works if you are looking for a complementing edible that will offer mixed benefits.  After a floating, giggly high, I was left heavy and with drooping eyes.  Eaten after a light dinner, this little bite-sized edible lifted me up for an anxiety free and mellow evening, before dropping me back down for a deep, invigorating night’s sleep.

$10/ 100 mg brownie bite

Lemon Puff from New Cannabis Republic medical marijuana review



A cross between Lemon Diesel and Joseph OG (NY OG Kush), Lemon Puff comes to us from strain experts Gage Green Group.  Specializing in strains crossed with their phenotype of OG Kush–Joseph OG— I picked this strain up from the New Cannabis Republic booth at this year’s High Times LA Cannabis Cup.

My eighth of Lemon Puff was a pair of big, fat nuggets.  The name was appropriate, as they looked like large, lumpy clouds.  However, they were also heavy, and proved to be very dense flowers.  The buds were a lovely, light lime green, completely frosted and accented with bright orange hairs–some of the most beautiful buds I’ve seen in some time.  They were also extremely sticky, which made them difficult to break up by hand.  I ended up picking apart the compact nuggets with my nails and wound up with bits stuck to my fingertips and under my nails.

Lemon Puff is absolutely aromatic.  Very reminiscent of Super Lemon Haze, the lemon scent is sweet and sugary.  There is also a slight skunk and some nutty undertones.  They mix well to create a taste like a sweet citrus treat with a cracker crust.  Lemon Puff is like smoking a lemon bar and allows for a pleasant medicating experience.

The high goes straight to the head.  It is cerebral and hazy, fun and giggly.  Perfect for psychosomatic symptoms such as social anxiety, fear, stress, and depression.  The mood elevation and calming effects help to create a new outlook.  Often triggers that bothered me pre-medicating didn’t fade away, as they do with some strains.  Rather, Lemon Puff helped me to reexamine the situation, take a different perspective, and reach a solution.  This strain isn’t escapist.  It’s engaging.  And while allowing for a dynamic and creative inner dialogue, it helps ease the mental and physical ailments that keep you from being who you need to be.

$50/ eighth

New Cannabis Republic

San Diego County delivery available

(805) 419-3227

XJ-13 from Elevated Dreams medical marijuana review




Sometimes, two strains come together that are so perfectly matched, they realize an ideal.  XJ-13 is just one of those hybrids.  One half of this combo, G-13, is purported to be a legendary indica dominant strain grown for the government at the Univ. of Mississippi in the 1960s.  Added to this is Jack Herer, the award winning sativa named for the marijuana activist of the same name.  These two potent sets of genes set the stage for one of the best hybrids I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.  

The buds of XJ-13 were tight pyramids and broke up into dense clumps.  The buds were lightly colored by khaki trichromes, although the greenery was dark.  They were scattered by deep orange hairs.  There is a strong, acidic smell, like a citrus salad, but it is dominated by a sharp lime.  There is also a pungent smell, almost acrid, and some of the pine typical of Jack.  The smoke tastes similarly acidic and slightly sweet.  

Work has gotten stressful as of late.  With stress comes anxiety, and anxiety’s friend–sadness.  Then in comes, XJ-13.  The high, although uplifting, is mostly calm and comforting.  It helps erase the mental triggers that are worrying you and gives a nice sense of tranquility.  These mental effects are complemented nicely by a tingly body buzz that dissipates tightness in the shoulders.  It is not nearly indica enough to work for any real pain relief, but it offers enough to enhance the cerebral high.  


$45/ eighth

Elevated Dreams

413 W. 17th St. #106

Santa Ana, Ca