Deadhead OG from Zen OC medical marijuana review


My arthritis had been wrecking havoc this week, so I decided to try out another potent Indica to try and help dull the ache.  This time an Indica hybrid, Deadhead OG.  The parenting of this strain is Chem Dog ’91 and SFV OG.  Fabled to be a very strong Indica high, I was eager to go home and put it to work.

The buds were dense and thick, about the size of a Sacajawea dollar.  The trichromes glittered in the light, and there seemed to be an abundance of them.  The buds were spotted with light lime green and dark forest green areas.  The hairs were a burnt sienna for any artists or crayon aficionados.  The smell was both skunky and citrus.  It wasn’t a noticeable or distinct smell, but it was certainly there.  The taste was a mimic of the smell, but also seemed earthy, even a little musky.  The smoke was milky and harsh when concentrated in say a bong.  Like most Indicas, there was quite a bit of tar to the ash, and it collected in the blunt’s roach.

This jar from Zen OC was very dry.  I often make the argument for using small sample jars for customers to handle rather than allowing the handling of the selling stock.  I have yet to run into a bait and switch situation, and the quality of the medication is greatly improved.  Usually when I get a dry eighth, I drop it in a glass container with my humidifier stone, so this is rarely an issue.  However, I lost my humidifier recently and have to suffer in knowing how the other half lives.  The buds were so brittle that the trichromes cracked off when I broke up to medicate. This said, after I was done packing my bowl, I had a nice little pile of kief to sprinkle on top, speaking volumes of the potency and THC content of this strain.

I would recommend using Deadhead OG for pain relief and insomnia.  Works great on my arthritis and is purported to reduce pain from migraines, sore muscles, and surgery.  The high is heavy, like most Indicas, giving that couch lock effect.  However, the Sativa, Chem Dog  ’91, in it also brings a secondary uplift and mood enhancer.  This is a secondary effect but is the reason I enjoy hybrids.  I also tended to doze off after medicating and would use this for insomnia due to pain, stress, or other symptoms. Treat this strain as you would most prescription pain medications.  Be cautious of driving or handling heavy equipment after use.

Deadhead OG  $50=1/8

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