Mr. Nice Guy from The Clinic medical marijuana review



This indica dominant hybrid is a mix of G-13 x Hash Plant.  Named Mr Nice, it was established in honor of famed author and pot smuggler Howard Marks.    While not judging him personally, Mr. Nice was just one of many aliases Marks took, and not a compliment to his benevolence.  This particular moniker came after he bought the passport of convicted murderer Donald Nice.  Marks was eventually convicted of his involvement in the moving of drugs, and since completing his sentence, he continues to write and conduct lecture tours.

The flowers of this harvest are pretty thin and stringy.  There is a purple hue to the buds, especially at the tips, and the greenery comes mostly from leaves.  Deep brown hairs cover the nuggets in bushy chunks.  Overall, each bud was kind of stemmy and were thin fingers of a bud.  Not to be counted out though, the flowers were sparkly under LEDs and a bit sticky from the Hash Plant influence, alluding to a hidden potency.

Mr. Nice Guy has a complicated palate, helped nothing by the variety of its phenotypes.  The first impression is of funky earth and sweetness.  I’d possibly describe it like wet ground and tropical flower.  There is also a possible purp terp scent of over-ripe or rotten berry in play.   There are other smells too: burnt oak ash; a mildewy basement or wet leather; dense resinous wood.  There is also a musky spice that is difficult to pin down.  Yet so familiar.  I’d say it has a manly scent–a dirty gruffness.  This taste complexity comes from the Hash Plant.  Some simply call it a hashy scent, but that’s a bit of a cop out.  The smoke tastes just as layered as it smells.  The pungent berry and musk are most evident, but that indescribable spice is there as well.

An indica dominant hybrid, I expected a real stoney high.  However, it had a pleasant groovy nature to it, making it work as a daytime indica.  I caught some super red eyes, which made me look more medicated than I was.  Mr. Nice Guy was clear headed overall, and I found it pretty helpful to work under its use.  It gave me a nice body high without the inhibiting psychedelic effects. This is the effect of the G-13, aimed to maximize usefulness as medicine and minimizing intoxication.  Watch as the Hash Plant wants to work against this though.  And at larger doses, it will.  Regardless of the potency of your harvest, be sure to respect this strain, lest it bowl you over.

$35/ eighth

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave., suite 130

Santa Ana, CA

Sour Candy Apple from SAPA medical marijuana review




After popping in to visit One Love, I discovered it was now Santa Ana P.A..  New name, same set up.  Though, the shelves seemed less full of the choices I’d come to expect.  After viewing the menu boards, I settled on a blended hybrid.  It was the name, Sour Candy Apple, that appealed to me.  It sounded to me like a special Starburst flavor.  And my mouth was watering before I even made it out of the dispensary.

There have been some beautiful late harvest buds around the OC lately, busty and plump, with coatings of amber trichromes.  Sour Candy Apple has dark leaves and light emerald flowers, flush with pale hairs.  There is a fruit scent similar to an apple or pear.  It’s a bit piney also, but barely so.  The buds I got were really fresh, making them hard to break up.  Once they dried after a moment or two on a dish, they were much more workable.  Smoking it gives a really harsh hit, but the exhale is all fresh apple and slightly sour.  It isn’t overwhelming like a sour patch kid, though.  More subtle.  More bearable.

Sour Apple is a mix of a heavy Kush indica and Sour Diesel.  I’m not sure where the “Candy” in the name comes from, but the obvious choice would be a work in of Candy Kush.  The high left me with a nice warm tingle in body, like a warm spiced wine enjoyed in front of a fire.  It was heavy in the eyes and comfortingly sleepy, a kind of drunk feeling.  I was still able to function on lower doses, and it was mellow and smooth.  I found it to be a great wake and bake strain on a weekend, when you want the dreaminess of morning to continue.  However, it is a bit too distracting for a work day.  The more I smoked, the more couch-locked I got.  When used late enough, it put me down swiftly to sleep.  This hybrid seems to swing far to the indica side, making it perfect for all kinds of pain relief and insomnia.  

$45/ eighth

Santa Ana P.C.

1651 E. Edinger, suite 104

Santa Ana, CA


MJ’s Wild Nectar: Natural Raw Honey edible review



MJ’s Wild Nectar is my first foray into the world of tinctures.  Although I have seen tinctures by many brands in the dispensaries, I had always been told they are mostly effective for body pain.  This has turned me away from them, since I use cannabis primarily for psychosomatic symptoms.  This week, however, my arthritis has been flaring up much more than usual.  I have been on my computer non-stop for work, and my wrists, elbows, and shoulders have all felt the ache.  I went out to OCPC looking specifically for pain relief, and that is what I found.

MJ’s is a glycerine-based tincture, so since it doesn’t have the shelf life of an alcohol base, you should plan on placing it in the refrigerator once you get it home.  You can leave it out, but I wouldn’t wait forever to use it all if you do, considering it is all natural and doesn’t contain preservatives.  Also due to its glycerine base, these tinctures are overwhelmingly saccharine to taste.  I donated for the raw honey flavor, and when dropped on the tongue with the included dropper, it was a rush of honeycomb sweetness.  For those without an inclination for sweets, this might be too much to take.  When dropped into a cup of hot tea, however, the sugariness takes on purpose, gently adding to the drink.  And because it is vegetable glycerine, diabetics can feel comfortable using it as a sweetener as well.

Whether enjoyed from the dropper or mixed into a beverage, MJ’s Wild Nectar will provide potent body relief, due to its high concentration of CBD.  More effective than a pair of Aleve, this tincture won’t affect you cerebrally and stays in the muscles and joints.  A few dropper fulls will also help bust migraines or more severe headaches.  It is not a narcotic, overwhelming high, and leaves you feeling healthful, not medicated.  More and more, companies are focusing on CBD and  CBC, now known to spark brain cell growth,  rich products.  With the numerous health benefits they provide without the intoxicating effects of THC, there is little surprise patients have grown keen on the health returns medications like MJ’s Wild Nectar can offer.

$15 a bottle/ OCPC

GT Dragon medical marijuana review



When the medical marijuana festivals come around, it is a great opportunity to visit the booths of different vendors and dispensaries and find products that I can’t find in the OC.  While browsing up and down the rows of tents at the recent High Times LA Cannabis Cup, I came across a little organic grower selling $10 eighths.  Never one to pass up a chance to support local and organic, I decided to pick up a couple of grams of GT Dragon.

To start, the buds were not well trimmed, and yellow leaves stuck out over much of the buds.  The flowers themselves were dominated by a purple tint, sharply contrasted by the yellowed leaves and bright orange hairs.  The buds were big and fluffy and easy to break up.  Being a purple strain, there was a fruity smell, like dark berries.  However, the aroma was noticeably sour in the end, almost rotten, like overripe fruit left to rot after falling to the ground.  The taste shared some of this acrid flavor but was still sweet on the tongue.

GT Dragon offers an immediate full body high.  There isn’t much in the head, but it can be a bit daydreamy.  A vibrating body buzz is easy on joints and creates a lasting state of relaxation.  As with most indica dominants, this strain can couch lock, but offers superior relief from both pain and insomnia.

$30/ eighth

Organic Grower

High Times LA Cannabis Cup