Sucker Punched from Orange County Patient Care medical marijuana review



I have many times in the past picked up Sucker Punched from OCPC intending sincerely to review it.  The problem is I enjoy smoking it so much that I always finish it before taking the time to pause and write the review.  It almost happened to me again, and I was about to rip apart my last bud when I made myself stop to take a picture and set to writing.

Sucker Punched is a dark green bud that is absolutely striped with orange hairs, looking everything like Cringer from He-Man.  The sample I got is frosty white and gleams in natural light.  The nuggets were soft and fresh, perfect little pillowy clouds.  They are a bit difficult to break up, as they tend to collapse down and become dense when forced.  Using a grinder is the way to go if you have the means.  Once ground, the scent of balsam wood permeates from this strain.  You can also pick up some warm baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and a slight cleaner sting at the end.  It reminds me a bit of the Chem-Jack I review a few weeks ago, but with a woodsy indica spliced in.

Sucker Punched is a very heavy hybrid.  There are some uplifting sativa effects, but I’d have a hard time calling this a daytime or social strain.  Sucker Punched is best used after work, after dinner, after responsibility, when you are ready for some tv or videogames to wind down your night.  It won’t put you to bed, but it will couch lock you.  The high is heady, and there is a dazed, stoned effect: perfect for watching a blockbuster on your big screen.  I felt it most in the eyes, and there was no end to the redness.  I also had cotton mouth, which isn’t normally a problem for me.

Sucker Punched works best for work stress and work related soreness and fatigue.  It doesn’t swing far enough indica to qualify for real pain relief.  I would more than recommend Sucker Punched as a sundown strain.  I have donated for it a dozen times, and it never disappoints.

$50/ eighth

Orange County Patient Care

1921 E. Carnegie, 3H

Santa Ana, Ca

Shishkaberry O-pen from Emerald Care concentrate review


Some days you want to be productive and engaging and reach for your favorite sativa.  Other days your pain seems unmanageable or you yearn for a solid night’s sleep, leaving you smoking a dense, weighty indica.  However, this past week required a bit of both.  Normally I’d just split my order between the two strains, busying myself by medicating double to get all the effects, but today I decided to hit the two birds with a single stoned.  I swung by Emerald Care in Santa Ana after work and donated for one of the disposable O-pen cartridges in Shishkaberry, a hybrid strain.

Before I get too far in, I should tell you that Shishkaberry is an indica-dominant hybrid, a fact I did not know ahead of time, and it has had an effect on my medicating.  The high starts euphoric and warm, and the taste is rich and fruity, bearing its DJ Short Blueberry heritage.  You may feel clear headed and focused at first.  However, DJ Short Blueberry is a very heavy indica, and once you peak, you will struggle to keep from couch locking.  Although there is some anxiety control with the Afghani, the main profile of this strain for me is pain and insomnia.  After a long day of computer use, my arthritis is quite severe.  Shishkaberry was a perfect way to unwind after a day of work, watching some TV before bed, or listening to music with the lights off.

No matter how you decide to medicate, the pain relief will be substantial and sedative.  If you haven’t used the O-pen disposable cartridges, the taste begins on the exhale and is clean and true to the strain, as most oils and concentrates are.  However, there is a clear glycerin follow that can be unpleasant if you aren’t expecting it.  It is a tradeoff for the discretion that the O-pen allows.  Emerald Care carries a selection of disposables in indica, sativa, and hybrid for just $25 each, $5 less than most dispensaries.  Just remember, as I failed to do, that hybrids don’t mean an even mix of strains, and you may end up with more than you intended.

Shishkaberry O-pen disposable: $25

Emerald Care Collective

1820 East Garry Ave #204
Santa Ana, CA, 92705