Sour Dub Purple from Southern California Patient’s Association medical marijuana review

Sour Dub Purple

Sour Dub Purple

I try to avoid going up to Garden Grove when Santa Ana has some fine local dispensaries.  However, if anyone is going to tease me onto 22w, it’s going to be SCPA.  Southern California Patient’s Association has some of the toppiest top shelf strains in Orange County.  Less than a month ago SCPA offered 4-5 strains pulling in incredible cannabinoid levels.  I was lucky to get Sour Dub Purple several times out of this storied batch.  Tested at exactly 30%  by SCLabs, it was their highest rated bud on the shelf, surpassing most top shelf strains in Orange County by close to a third.  While their menu currently doesn’t boast these same numbers, I would try the always reliable 29% Chem-D and watch for their other sell out strains to come back around.

There seems to be zero genetic information on Sour Dub Purple.  No one else sells it, and almost no one has heard of it.  Even the budtender wasn’t sure it’s origin or if there would ever be more. Lengthy research has pulled back only Purple Sour Diesel as a variation of the name, and although hours could be spent lining up possible sours and purples for the paternity test, I feel a physical description would be a better sell.  The light green buds were absolutely frosty with tricromes.   There were few “hairs”, and overall, it was uniform in composition.  The plant broke up and smoked like a Sativa.  It ground uneven and leafy, as a Sativa is oft to do, and would be best used in a pipe or bong.  I did roll up a single blunt of it though, and it smoked very airy and sweet, if not a bit on the thin side.  I am reminded of Cookies and Dream and wonder if there may be some strain similarities there.  The high was euphoric and talkative, very anti-anxiety.  A great head high that reminds you of why you smoke to begin with.  Problems disappeared and hours flew past.  This is a great bud for playing video games or watching a movie with friends.  There was a secondary body effect, as well, but nothing like a couch lock Indica.  Limbs felt soft and, when smoked at night, it left me drowsy.  Coordination was low, and I was forgetful over the whole high.  My eyes were a dry burning red almost immediately.  Although I wish I knew more about this fantastic strain, it defines itself as a Sativa dominant hybrid by its effects and structure.

When I first bought this strain about a month ago, it was fresh and moist.  Handling it was a charm, and it stuck to everything.  My last eighth purchased this past Saturday, however, is dry and brittle and down on it’s potency, very clearly the end of the bag.  Since removed from the menu, I fear it may be gone for good.  Writing now, I am smoking my last bowl of Sour Dub Purple.  I don’t get sentimental over strains.  I agree completely that weed is weed.  I agree, that is, until a strain like this comes along.

Sour Dub Purple= $50 an eighth

Southern California Patients Association

12882 Western Ave.

Garden Grove, Ca 92841

Cookies and Dream from OCPC medical marijuana review


Orange County Patient Care (OCPC) is fast becoming my dispensary of choice in central Orange County.  Located just off of Red Hill Ave in Santa Ana, I found OCPC while trying to locate a dispensary that provided easier access to my south Orange County location.  Aside from the easy access off of the I5 and its clean, welcoming waiting and viewing rooms, the quality of OCPC’s medication is the reason for my return business.

My budtender checked me in as a new customer and then welcomed me at the door to the viewing room.  She asked if I knew what I wanted, and I played dumb to gain her most honest suggestions.  I tend to lean towards hybrids for their encompassing highs, and after I showed interest in a few blonds, she suggested Cookies and Dream, a hybrid pulling heavily from the sativa strain, Cookies and Cream.  Immediately I noticed the light scent- not weedy at all.  The color is a very pale green, almost white, with sugary crystals.  I am a stickler for ripe, fuzzy flowers.  OCPC keeps their buds in smaller storage jars and use sample jars for inspection of the buds to keep their selling stock fresh.  This particular strain was sticky to the touch, leaving a residue on hands, grinders, and scissors.

I primarily smoked Cookies and Dream out of a glass pipe.  When smoking a bowl of good greens, an old toking buddy of mine used to light only one half of the packed bowl at a time in order to save the fresh flavor for other smokers in the circle.  I found myself practicing this approach with the whole eighth of medicine.  Each time my flame touched untoasted greens, the sweet flavor of vanilla bean filled my lungs.  However, unlike most potent buds, the smoke is unassuming.  After two 1.5 gram blunts, my friend’s home was warmed as if by an expensive Yankee candle rather than fouled by a skunky herb.

Cookies and Dream was an airy, cerebral high.  I never felt too high, even after smoking a few blunts.  Video games, writing, and working socially with others were all unaffected by this delightful smoke.  I was talkative and cheerful.  This medication did wonders for my depression and social anxiety.  My thoughts would often wander while using this medication, and I found it difficult to focus on reading or watching tv.  This wasn’t necessarily a negative.

Cookies and Dream- $50 = 1/8

Orange County Patient Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca 92705