Key Lime Pie from Second Story medical marijuana review



As is the case with many strains on the market these days, the genetics of Key Lime Pie are a bit fuzzy.  Usually the best places to check for strain lineage are with the grow boards or seed banks, both of which are extensive sources of information.  The consensus seems to be that it is a mix of three strains: Durban Poison, Fire OG, and either Cherry Pie or Cherry Kush.  I’d pick up any one of these strains if I saw them on the menu.  But when bred together, they near transcendance.

Key Lime Pie has small pyramid shaped buds, about the size of marbles.  However, each of these buds is incredibly dense before being broken up.  Once torn apart, they prove to be soft and fluffy and easy with which to roll.  The nuggets are a beaming lime color with pastel orange hairs.  They are luminously bright, especially in the sunlight.  The lime green isn’t the only reason this strain has taken its namesake.  There is a sweet citrus to the aroma, from either the Cherry Pie or Fire OG, that explodes from this strain when ever I grind it up.   The Durban offers a refined, nutty earthiness, like soy or almond milk.  Together, it is easy to see how this complex hybrid creates Key Lime Pie.  The taste is equally sweet to the smell — full of citrus, berry, and spice.

I have long appreciated 50/50 hybrids, and Key Lime Pie seems to be as balanced as they come.  At no time did the high become so cerebral that it was overwhelming.  I was still able to work and hold conversations with ease.  At the same time, there was no couch lock or drowsiness.  Whether I medicated in the morning or at night, I was up and moving and getting things done, albeit with a smile on my face.  But as they say: accentuate the positive.  Key Lime Pie certainly seems to do that.  While you get many of the positives from both sativa and indica, you seem to get none of the negatives.  The high was chatty and creative, mellow and relaxing.  There was also nice pain relief in the joints.  The body goes jiggly and soft, adding to the mellow feeling.  Worries and pain both just melt away.


Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave. #221

Santa Ana, CA

Chem-Jack from One Love medical marijuana review



When it comes to legendary strains, you can’t get much more infamous than either Chemdawg or Jack Herer.  One Love in Santa Ana has grabbed a good one with this combination in Chem-Jack, and I literally ran in the door when I got home to get this beauty into my bowl.

The citrusy astringent fragrance well known in Chemdawg is all over this hybrid.  Underneath this is the sweet earthiness lent by the Jack. As soon as I put the jar to my nose, I could detect the blend of those familiar fragrances and my mouth began salvating.  The pale, almost white, green typical of Chem strains and the deep multitude of brown hairs recognized in Jack Herer are a perfect match.  These two strains have been seamlessly brought together, playing their best aspects against each other.  When I got it home and began breaking it up, it was chunky and sticky.  I love sativas, but they can be tricky to work with, and always break up thin.  A gram of this strain broken up will barely fill a blunt.

The smoke was amazingly light, and the distinction that is its taste lasts well beyond the green hit.  I absolutely adore the palate of Chem-Jack. The flavor alone makes this strain a must buy.  I’ve donated for a number of strains lately here in SoCal that have this unique earthy, piney, and citrusy mixture.  This might mark a swing away from a Blue Dream and Skywalker dominated marketplace, and it is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The effects of Chem-Jack are instantaneously energetic and productive.  Work related tension melts away as this particular strain promotes both complex thinking and a mellow mood: a real whistle while you work strain.  Forget hump-day, Chem-Jack will get you through the hopeless drag of Thursday, when your battery is already drained and the week isn’t nearly over.  A delightfully uplifting strain, I would recommend Chem-Jack for anyone fighting stress and anxiety or needing something to help carry them along through a protracted day.


One Love

1651 E. Edinger #104

Santa Ana, Ca