Green Dream shatter from Second Story concentrate review



This sample of Green Dream shatter comes to us from HGH extractions, a multiple award winning LA based extraction company.  Over the last few months, I’ve come to recognize HGH as the absolute leader in creating quality extractions.   This concentrate is a BHO extract, which many people fear to be unhealthy.  When done right, BHO extraction is safe.  And this is shatter done right.

Green Dream is a cross between two sativas: Green Crack and Blue Dream.  I’ve also seen it on menus as Blue Crack.  It is a well designed hybrid looking to capitalize on each parent’s dominating effects–both in taste and effect.

When I first picked this up from Second Story, it was a real glass-like shatter.  My half gram was made up of one big burnt-amber colored chunk and some smaller slivers and shards that had broken off it.  When I got it home, it became soft and tacky in warm weather, and my office sits in our powerful Orange County afternoon sun.  The longer I had it, the more the consistency changed to that of a wax, feeling soft and buttery.  It became cloudier as well.  The taste profile again is balanced between the two parent strains, combining Blue Dream’s dark berry flavor with the tropical sweetness of Green Crack.

This strain hits at mach speed as a concentrate, and I felt the effects on the exhale.  Blue Dream brings a spacey and creative high, that doesn’t hesitate to add relief and comfort to the body, too.  Green Crack, on the other hand, can be energetic and productive sativa.  Either late at night or in the early morning, this medicates like a cup of coffee.  But relaxing, so with a little added whiskey for good measure.  I found it to be all at once dreamy but engaging.  It is much more clear headed than Blue Dream alone.  More stoney than just Green Crack.

Sadly, I only got a half gram this trip.  If I knew the kind of high it spawned, I would have donated for more.  Be sure to swing by Second Story and grab yours quick.  It won’t last long.

$40/ .5g

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave., #221

Santa Ana, CA