Blue Dream from OCPC medical marijuana review



My desert island, all-time favorite, one and only stain is, hands down and without hesitation, Blue Dream.  If I could only smoke one strain for the rest of my life, it would be the flawlessness that is Blue Dream.  I remember the exact moment and place when I smelled her sweet, delicate berry scent.  I know how I felt the moment I tasted her sweet berry pie juiciness for the first time.  I indulge in her when I have her.  I long for her when she’s gone.  The very thought of her… well, you get the picture.

Blue Dream is a wildly popular strain, even having its own Wikipedia page.  A combination of Blueberry and Haze, it was designed to be the perfect blend of indica and sativa highs.  However, it’s not just the highs that are perfectly melded together in Blue Dream.  An 80/20 hybrid, Blueberry is the minority in this hybrid, but the dark berry flavor is very specific and can be picked out right away.  It’s not sharp or sour, partly due to the other half of this dynamic duo, the sativa Haze.  Haze is a honey sweet strain that is present in some of the marijuana world’s favorite strains.  In Blue Dream, these two work together to create a blueberry scone taste that is a pleasure with which to medicate.  The buds themselves are soft pyramids, light and fluffy.  Matching the pastel greenery are pale orange hairs.  The color is faint, like it’s been run through an Instagram filter, and seems faded by the sun.  Blue Dream is an aesthetically unique strain, immediately recognizable.

As mentioned, Blue Dream was always intended to be a perfection of indica/sativa fusion.  And frankly, who am I to disagree.  The psychoactive effects are uplifting.  There is immediate mood elevation, and I had an overall feeling of euphoria.  There is also a warming of the nerves and a loosening of the joints.  Blue Dream couldn’t be more mellow a high, a real butterfly hugs high.  It does have the ability to get on top of you, and my brother-in-law remarked that it was too stoney for him.  In the past, medicating with Blue Dream has left me unable to concentrate and hold conversations, starting stories and then forgetting what I was saying.  As always, it is important to know your tolerance to keep from overdoing it.

I would recommend Blue Dream as an anti-depressive, and the Haze is a delightfully comforting sativa.  On the dreariest of days, it can pick you up carry you along with a twinkle in your eye.  However, it would be unfair not to acknowledge the pain relieving abilities of this strain as well.  Stress and tension.  Chronic pain and soreness.  A jar of Blue Dream in your medicine cabinet is like having a cure all, and I suggest keeping  some on hand at all times.

$50/ eighth

Orange County Patient Care

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Santa Ana, Ca