Blue Cheese from Zen O.C. medical marijuana review


After getting a great little gift bag from Zen O.C. for Halloween, I was anxious to do the same for their Black Friday event.  The flyer said they would be giving them away “while supplies last.”  I arrived at 11:00a, an hour after Zen opened, and already there was a line of 15 before me.  In no time it was my time to go in.  I knew I had to spend $40 to get my free edible, hash, and pre-roll in the gift bag, so I only had forty in cash on me.  Zen O.C. has a great selection of strains at all price ranges, and I was immediately upset I didn’t bring more, as Girl Scout Cookies was in at $55 an eight.  This is my favorite strain right now, and Zen’s is always fire, as they say.  I asked the budtender to recommend between a few forty dollar strains, and he immediately suggested Blue Cheese.  He was dead on.

The flowers are light and fluffy, crumbling nicely when broken up.  This bud is sticky and fragrant, and I always enjoyed breaking it up by hand.  The smell was skunky and sour, like mushy fruit, but also sweet like vanilla.  The green hit wasn’t flavorful and was even a bit harsh.  It smoked heavy, as an Indica can, but it burned very evenly throughout the bowl.   The high was up and euphoric.  Not what an Indica usually is.  It was fantastic for depression and anxiety.  However, there was also a great pain management aspect.  My joints didn’t ache and my back wasn’t sore, despite periods of demanding physical work.  To say it bluntly, this strain made me feel great.  I would recommend it for everyone, for help with everything.  Not being high on this strain is unfortunate and should be prevented with a charitable fund or marathon.  I couldn’t thank the budista more for this suggestion  and at $40, it is an absolute steal.

Blue Cheese (Indica dom. Hybrid):  $40/ eighth

Zen OC

9535 Garden Grove Blvd, Suite # 202

Garden Grove Ca 92844

(714) 636-3153