Salmon Berry Kush medical marijuana review



Most of the time, one can identify a strain’s genetics by the name it is given.  An OG, Kush, or Haze in the name tends to tell me exactly where to begin looking into a strains background.  Same with Jacks or Widows and a Blueberry or Strawberry moniker.  However, I haven’t a clue as to what a Salmon Berry is, and that is the central difficulty in this post’s strain, Salmon Berry Kush.

Let’s start with the Kush in its name.  If it is Afghani Kush, then most likely the strain will exhibit body heavy indica effects.  However, if it represents OG Kush, a strain that may not contain a lick of Kush at all, then the effects will be more blended, engaging both the mind and body, and won’t at all hold you back like an indica can, similar in effect to Blueberry Kush. In fact, I recently obtained some Blueberry Kush from a private grower, and I see a lot of similarity with Salmon Berry Kush.  There is also a possible link to Salmon Creek Big Bud, from the favored Salmon Creek growers once popular in the Pacific Northwest.

The buds themselves are pyramidal in shape, the biggest the size of a thumbwell, someone’s thumb.  They were finely trimmed and may have been machined.  Salmon Berry Kush is a dark green strain and forested with brown hairs.  This sample wasn’t terribly sticky, but this made it easier to break up by hand.  The scent is earthy and sweet from the incense like OG Kush.  Add to this a strawberry linger, and Salmon Berry Kush completes its rather complex signature.  The taste is much of the same and carries through even when rolled in a blunt.  I found it a delightfully flavorful smoke: saccharine and fruity.

Salmon Berry Kush seems to be a nicely balanced hybrid.  The OG Kush brings with it a sativa dominant effect range that is loose and lazy.  If Strawberry or Strawberry Cough is indeed the berry strain present here, then the social and chatty nature of the high makes sense.  Although the high can be hazy and red in the eyes, the cerebral and visual effects are the biggest draw.  For those with work stress or social anxiety, this would be the strain for you.  Salmon Berry Kush will help spark your creativity and encourage group interaction within your team.  However, at higher doses forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating can become negatives, so medicate carefully.  There are some mild pain relieving properties, but I wouldn’t rely on them.  This strain leans sativa and is best used for mood.