Pumpkin Pie OG from Aloha medical marijuana review


Sad Halloween is over?  The larger harvest season still has plenty to offer, as attested to by the many pumpkin flavored products on the market.  Pumpkin lattes, beer, shakes, muffins, coffee creamer, donuts, and now marijuana.  Kind of.

Last Friday I headed up to Aloha in Santa Ana to grab an eighth.  I knew I was going to get a nice Sativa hybrid, Bubbleberry most likely, but if I split my eighth like I usually do, what would the other strain be?  The patient in front of me had out Pumpkin Pie OG, and I was intrigued enough to try it out.  Those of you who follow my reviews know I am a sucker for flavored strains,  and I am a big fan of the pumpkin flavor in general.  The nuggets were dense and dark green, and the brightest orange hairs grew in great clumps on every side.  I exhausted my research skills trying to find the lineage of this strain with no luck.  Several local and out of state dispensaries were carrying some variation on this name: such as, Pumpkin Pie OG, Pumpkin Spice OG, or Pumpkin Kush.  However, no one seemed to know the mix.

After bringing it home and preparing it for a smoke, I decided it was either an Indica or Indica dominant hybrid.  The small, dense buds and earthy, almost nutty smell certainly supported this intuition.  Alas, nothing about this medication other than its color suggested pumpkins.  I have recently seen strains of both California Orange Bud and Orange Crush that seem close matches genetically to Pumpkin Pie OG.  This may suggest possible parenting.  However, most likely these pumpkin themed buds are just renamed variations of orange Indicas.

The smoke was thick and overpowering.  To put it plainly, this weed stinks.  Not in quality, but in smell.  Both my strains this week are skunky smokes with noticeable aromas.  I am sure my neighbors are pleased.  I coughed quite a bit using both bowl and blunt, and the ash was sludgy with tar.  Because of the way most Indicas fluff up when ground and their tendency to smolder when lit, I suggest smoking this one in either a blunt or joint.

The high was heavy in the shoulders and eyes.  I felt stoned, dozy  and unproductive.  My mind was foggy, and I kept walking into rooms and forgetting why.  Great as a pain killer or sleeping aid; I slept soundly and untroubled for 8 hours, and my arthritis was less invasive in my daily routine.  This is a personal high, not a social high.  I suggest medicating only when you have no responsibility forthcoming or before bed, as this strain will quickly end any plans you may have had.

Pumpkin Pie OG= $50/eighth





Bubbleberry from Aloha medical marijuana review


Aloha was the very first dispensary I visited after getting my recommendation.  I am, however, an FTP gift slut, so despite loading me with freebies and kindness, I hadn’t made it back around for a second visit.  When I first stopped by last month, I signed up for their text notification list.  Every Friday I receive a message outlining the weekend specials.  Like clockwork at 10:30 I check my phone to see if I’ll be taking a trip to Santa Ana.  This week the offering was Bubbleberry for $45/ eighth.

I grabbed an eighth of Bubbleberry last visit to Aloha, and it stood out among the other strains in my white bag.  After getting my text, I quickly decided to get going to avoid traffic on I5.  Unsurprisingly, Aloha was not busy at 11am on a Friday, and I had some time to chat with the budistas and sniff some jars.  Eventually I settled on a split eighth (4 gram 1/8s at Aloha) of Bubbleberry and Pumpkin Pie OG.  Because I split the eighth I lost the $5 off but was not upset because both strains looked good under the lights and I wanted to try the Pumpkin Pie.

Bubbleberry is a Sativa dominant hybrid of Bubblegum and Blueberry and brings flavors and traits from both parents.   At about 80% Sativa, the high is talkative and cheerful, and at times even intuitive and thoughful.  This strain is good for personality enhancement and social anxiety.  A close friend of mine often brags about how he got his job after showing up for the interview stoned on Bubbleberry.  The flavor is rich and fruity and representative of both the Blueberry and Bubblegum.  The taste stays noticable right up until your bowl is cashed and never comes across as burnt or woody.  I’ve also used this strain in a vaporizer, and the flavor is just as powerful and, dammit, tasty.  Of the flavored hybrids I’ve tried, Bubbleberry remains my favorite.  I don’t seem to be alone in this opinion.  I have heard Bubbleberry recommended and praised by a number of budistas, customers, and friends and have even passed this recommendation on to others.  Do not expect pain relief with this mostly Sativa hybrid.  My arthritis was persistently achy.  One final bit of warning: Bubbleberry has an incredibly potent smell.  There is no way to be covert when using this medication.  Bong, blunt, joint, bowl, or vaporizer-Bubbleberry is impossible to hide.  Although rich and enjoyable, remember that not everyone shares your love of fine marijuana smells.


603 N. Park Center Dr. #107

Santa Ana, Ca 92705


*This is a new location.  They had not moved yet as of my last visit.  Be sure to call to verify which location is active.