Blue Diamond nectar from Second Story concentrate review



Before I tried this strain, the only blue diamond I had ever seen was the famous Hope diamond kept at the Smithsonian, made blue by trace amounts of boron in its crystaline structure.  Second Story’s Blue Diamond would be a completely different stone, as it were.  And “hope”fully lacking in any boron.

Blue Diamond is a cross between Diamond OG (OG Kush crossed with a pure indica) and Blue Dream.  I’ve long been a fan of Blue Dream: just take a look at my review.  Beyond its aesthetically pleasing look and its delectable smell and taste, I’ve always seen Blue Dream as the perfect mental health strain.  All cares simply disappear after medicating.  Diamond OG, however, is a totally new experience for me.  Although I’ve seen plenty of OG Kush hybrids, one this indica dominant is usually outside of my preference, yet any friend of Blue Dream is a friend of mine.

I found the taste to be predominantly piney and nutty from the Diamond OG.  The Blue Dream also lends a dark berry and lightly floral flavor.  The vapor was sometimes harsh in the throat when the coil in my Cloud pen was real hot.  Otherwise, there is an earthy sweetness that seems to temper the vapor.

This concentrate isn’t really a nectar.  It’s more like a taffy, light honey in color.  It is very pale, almost white, and absolutely glimmers under the lights.  While I was thankful it was stored on parchment paper, it was also put into far too small a container and was pressed quite tightly when sealed.  When it got hot and then cold these last few days and nights, the consistency turned to a hard rock.  Some oil seems to have been pressed out by the heat and pressure, but this had no effect on the potency.  I eventually moved it to my Oil Slick jar, now that it was drier.

The high offered hazy anti-anxiety relief from the Blue Dream.  It was also good for depression, thanks to the dissociative effect.   OG Kush brings a great mellow high, sneaking its way in through the Diamond OG.  There was quite the significant indica high from Diamond OG: relaxed and body dominant.  I felt it first in the arms and legs, then across the back and shoulders.  Blue Diamond offered nice headache relief.  Although at times I had tired eyes, I experienced no lock and remained active while medicating.  I became tired at night, which may go without saying, but the Diamond OG certainly helps with unwinding before bed.  On the nights I had the hardest time sleeping, it didn’t cure my insomnia, and I had to resort to a pure indica to get the job done.

$40/ .5g

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave, #221

Santa Ana, California

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