Mr. Nice Guy from The Clinic medical marijuana review



This indica dominant hybrid is a mix of G-13 x Hash Plant.  Named Mr Nice, it was established in honor of famed author and pot smuggler Howard Marks.    While not judging him personally, Mr. Nice was just one of many aliases Marks took, and not a compliment to his benevolence.  This particular moniker came after he bought the passport of convicted murderer Donald Nice.  Marks was eventually convicted of his involvement in the moving of drugs, and since completing his sentence, he continues to write and conduct lecture tours.

The flowers of this harvest are pretty thin and stringy.  There is a purple hue to the buds, especially at the tips, and the greenery comes mostly from leaves.  Deep brown hairs cover the nuggets in bushy chunks.  Overall, each bud was kind of stemmy and were thin fingers of a bud.  Not to be counted out though, the flowers were sparkly under LEDs and a bit sticky from the Hash Plant influence, alluding to a hidden potency.

Mr. Nice Guy has a complicated palate, helped nothing by the variety of its phenotypes.  The first impression is of funky earth and sweetness.  I’d possibly describe it like wet ground and tropical flower.  There is also a possible purp terp scent of over-ripe or rotten berry in play.   There are other smells too: burnt oak ash; a mildewy basement or wet leather; dense resinous wood.  There is also a musky spice that is difficult to pin down.  Yet so familiar.  I’d say it has a manly scent–a dirty gruffness.  This taste complexity comes from the Hash Plant.  Some simply call it a hashy scent, but that’s a bit of a cop out.  The smoke tastes just as layered as it smells.  The pungent berry and musk are most evident, but that indescribable spice is there as well.

An indica dominant hybrid, I expected a real stoney high.  However, it had a pleasant groovy nature to it, making it work as a daytime indica.  I caught some super red eyes, which made me look more medicated than I was.  Mr. Nice Guy was clear headed overall, and I found it pretty helpful to work under its use.  It gave me a nice body high without the inhibiting psychedelic effects. This is the effect of the G-13, aimed to maximize usefulness as medicine and minimizing intoxication.  Watch as the Hash Plant wants to work against this though.  And at larger doses, it will.  Regardless of the potency of your harvest, be sure to respect this strain, lest it bowl you over.

$35/ eighth

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave., suite 130

Santa Ana, CA

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