Dark Chocolate and Popping Candy 4.20 Bar from The Venice Cookie Company edible review



Seeing this bar in my local dispensary was quite a blast from the past, since Pop Rocks were a large part of my childhood.  I had to take this edible home, if for nothing more than the nostalgia, and I couldn’t wait to try it.  Because we all know that Pop Rocks mixed with soda will make your stomach explode, I decided to take this snack to the local coffeehouse to wash it down with a latte.  The first bite off the bar erupted in my mouth.  It was like eating a Krackle bar that wouldn’t stop krackling, as the candies popped their way across my tongue.  Mixed in with this tactile experience was a nice dark chocolate taste, whose bitterness mixed with the cannabis bite to mask it.  The whole candy bar has just four ingredients: dark chocolate, popping candy, corn syrup, and cannabis.  This shows a simplicity in this complicated world that I can respect.

The serving sizes per dose are small, which is good if you are watching your sugar and calorie intake.  A single segment is only 25 calories, meaning there are more mgs of THC per piece than calories.  Each bar contains 180 mg of THC total from 4.2 grams of dried cannabis.   I intended on eating a third of the bar, a 60 mg dose.  However, I broke off an extra piece in my mouth and medicated with half the bar.  Whoops!  Though a 90 mg edible is hardly unheard of, it was more than was needed from this effective edible.

The 4.20 Bar has a real easy come on.  It was hardly noticeable, until suddenly it was there.  The high started soft in the joints, which was followed shortly by an uplifting, pleasant mood.  I hate the not-really-a-word word melty.  But this edible’s high is physically melty.  Only an invented word can describe it.  It also heightened the senses, making everything enjoyable, and offered great visual and aural effects.  My skin absolutely came alive.  It was a bit locky.  I ate my half and slowly lost the will to work as it kicked in.  Not that I’m complaining.  I spent several moments enjoying open eye visuals as the the sun played off a fountain near by.  I’ve been rush, rush, rushing lately for my many jobs and responsibilities.  Even my free time, as infrequent as it came along, was invaded by thoughts of what needed to be done.  It was a dear euphoria to find myself drifting off in a daydream with not a single thought on my mind.  In today’s world, who doesn’t need this every once in a while.  There was a glow about the high that rubbed off on everyone I came in contact with.  For pain sufferers, don’t think your relief is ignored with the high THC count.  There is just enough CBD and CBN to encourage physical wellbeing, too.  Regardless of your medicating needs, The Venice Cookie Company has got you covered.

$15/ Re-Up in Santa Ana

6 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate and Popping Candy 4.20 Bar from The Venice Cookie Company edible review

    • I was a bit skeptical at first, Renee. But it blew me away on both strength and tastiness. You can get it without the Pop Rocks too, but really, why would you? 😉

    • The Venice Cookie Company is a growing business. They are still limited even here in California. For now. Keep an eye out. They may be coming soon as Prop. 203 continues to be implemented in Arizona.

      • Im hoping sooner than later. Prop 203 is the best thing thats happened since my illness. Yes I meant that. I do appreciate your willingness to shout your findings from the rooftop. I always check your blog before buying anything from the dispensary. Im gonna try shouting from the rooftop as well. Thank you!

      • I only started sharing this information because I noticed so few people were. Thanks for your kind words and swinging by the site. I agree that it is nice to be legitimized in your medical marijuana use. I felt the same relief when I moved to California and became a patient.

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