Lemon Drop wax from OCPC concentrate review



When I was in my graduate program we used to drink a shot called the Lemon Drop.  Vodka was shaken over ice and then strained.  The shots were chased by biting on a sugared lemon.  I used to love them.  Citrusy sweet, and slightly sour.  While browsing through OCPC’s waxes this week, I was looking for something more glassy.  I’ve just had a real dry Blue Dream wax that was troubling to use in my pen, so I was looking for something that would vaporize easier.  However, hidden behind a stack of darker budders, I saw this golden gram of Lemon Drop wax and decided to take it home.  I’m a sucker for the Limonene terpene that gives some strains their lemony flavor, and I was hoping to get a big dose with this donation.

This Lemon Drop wax melted well in my Cloud Pen, if not a bit slow.  I had to make sure to get it right down on the heating coil to get a full hit.  Although it was wetter than some waxes, I still ended with crumbles in my Oil Slick jar when breaking pieces off the rather sizeable 1g moonstone I picked out.  Like clay from a cave, it was pliable but grainy.  Having a light brown color, it wasn’t the purest of waxes I’ve seen, but it was clearly free of most particulates.

There was a nice and sweet lemon scent, similar to Super Lemon Haze, but less aromatic than a well cured flower.  The vapor is thin, and so is the taste, both of which were a disappointment.  However, it hits heavy to the cheeks and forehead when it does finally heat up enough to vape well.  I had lazy, drooping eyes that made me look higher than I was.  Lemon Drop was actually quite clear headed and creative in low doses.  But giggly and euphoric during longer sessions.  The medication seems to lean sativa, but it is clearly a sativa/indica hybrid.  It offered a two part high.  While there was good tension relief in the head and neck and I found it effective for migraines, Lemon drop also worked well for stress and anxiety relief.  The relaxing of both the mind and body is perfect to make it through your tougher days at the office.

$35/ g


1921 Carnegie Ave, 3H

Santa Ana, CA

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