Super G-13 shatter from Elevated Dreams concentrate review



Everybody’s favorite government grown strain is back: this time as a nicely purged shatter.  G-13 was supposedly being grown for the government in secrecy by the University of Mississippi in the 1960’s, when it was smuggled out by a disgruntled employee.  Or so the story goes.  However, the real mystery for this sample isn’t whether or not the stories are true.  Rather, the question is where did it obtained its “super” status from.  Could it be picked up from Super Silver Haze or Super Skunk?  Or is it just an added moniker to set it above the rest, a ploy to trick me into buying it?  The only way to find out is to bring it home and try it.

This Super G-13 shatter is a lovely, light amber color.  It was very hard, almost glass like, which made snapping off dabs a cinch.  It rolled easily into little balls before I dropped it into my Cloud vape pen.  On warm days, it became a bit more like taffy, making it more difficult to handle.  The vapor was dense and hit straight to the forehead.  It tasted of sweet, fragrant redwood, like cedar or balsam.

The high was very potent.  There was a strong downward pull.  Even if the super in its name does come from a sativa hybrid, this high is almost all indica.  Perfect relief for joint, muscle, and nerve pain, Super G-13 is a very stoney, drowsy strain.  After a long week, I found it to be a wonderful Sunday medication.  There is some anxiety relief and a great sense of relaxation.  Used late enough in the day, it will knock you out.  Whether you plan for it or not, Super G-13 will solve your insomnia.

I never did solve the riddle of this G-13’s “super”.  However, I did find an outstanding indica concentrate for pill free pain relief.  I also found a substitute for Nyquil Zzz to help me get a full night’s sleep.  Finally, I also found a dynamic anti-anxiety medication that affords a physical calming effect to help overcome panic attacks.  Who says the government never did anything for the pot smoker?

$60/ gram

Elevated Dreams Collective

413 W. 17th St. Suite 106

Santa Ana, CA

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