XJ-13 from Elevated Dreams medical marijuana review




Sometimes, two strains come together that are so perfectly matched, they realize an ideal.  XJ-13 is just one of those hybrids.  One half of this combo, G-13, is purported to be a legendary indica dominant strain grown for the government at the Univ. of Mississippi in the 1960s.  Added to this is Jack Herer, the award winning sativa named for the marijuana activist of the same name.  These two potent sets of genes set the stage for one of the best hybrids I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.  

The buds of XJ-13 were tight pyramids and broke up into dense clumps.  The buds were lightly colored by khaki trichromes, although the greenery was dark.  They were scattered by deep orange hairs.  There is a strong, acidic smell, like a citrus salad, but it is dominated by a sharp lime.  There is also a pungent smell, almost acrid, and some of the pine typical of Jack.  The smoke tastes similarly acidic and slightly sweet.  

Work has gotten stressful as of late.  With stress comes anxiety, and anxiety’s friend–sadness.  Then in comes, XJ-13.  The high, although uplifting, is mostly calm and comforting.  It helps erase the mental triggers that are worrying you and gives a nice sense of tranquility.  These mental effects are complemented nicely by a tingly body buzz that dissipates tightness in the shoulders.  It is not nearly indica enough to work for any real pain relief, but it offers enough to enhance the cerebral high.  


$45/ eighth

Elevated Dreams

413 W. 17th St. #106

Santa Ana, Ca

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