Sensi Star from the Clinic medical marijuana review




Sensi Star, just about since its inception in ‘95, has been an award winning indica strain.  Over the years it has taken home numerous wins at the Highlife Cup, the Cannabis Cup, the Growers Cup, Spannabis, and even the coveted High Times “Plant of the Year” in 2003.  Even though I’m not normally a fan of indicas, I have heard too many good things about this strain not to bring it home with me.  And I’m glad I did.  

The buds of Sensi Star were lumpy, imperfect cones, marbled in light and dark green hues.  Pale, almost yellow hairs sprout across the nuggets.  Sensi Star is covered in dense, white crystals that significantly lighten the plant.  Aesthetically, it is a very intriguing strain.  The buds are sticky to the touch, and the smell lingers on the fingertips after handling.  Starting sweet, the taste ends skunky and exotically spicy.  

As with many indicas with Afghani Kush as their base, the pain relief is premier.  Quickly upon medicating, their is a loosening of tight muscles and an easing of pain.  There is also a lightness in the cranium, almost a floating, that is perfect for migraines or headaches of any seriousness.  This strain gives great overall body relief; however, unlike most indicas, Sensi Star won’t couch lock you or put you down to sleep.  This is due to the rumoured stripe of an unknown sativa in its genetics.  Instead, it is a delightfully caffeinated body high.  Perfect for daytime pain relief.  

$35/ eighth

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave. #106

Santa Ana, CA

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