Maui Wowie from Second Story medical marijuana review



I’ve been on a bit of a tropical themed run here as of late, and Maui Wowie, often seen as Maui Waui, adds to this ongoing motif.  After enduring a month in frigid Chicago and getting to know the term polar vortex well, I’ve been spending as much time under the palm trees of SoCal as possible.  It isn’t the taste, but the spirit of this strain that makes me think of warm, sunny beaches and bathing suits.

These buds were lumpy and long and markedly sticky.  This is no surprise since an abundance of cloudy amber-colored late harvest trichromes can be seen across the nuggets.  Maui Waui is a ginger lady, and orange hairs stick out like cowlicks.  It wasn’t the look but the the scent of this strain that sold me in the dispensary.  Diving your nose into the jar grabs thick wafts of pine and lemon cleaner, similar to Chemdawg strains, but sweet like Super Lemon Haze.  There is also a minimal baking spice aroma as well that comes through in a big way in the aftertaste.  The smoke is thin and not expansive, making medicating a pleasurable after thought.  I love a flavorful strain, and this is as fragrant and tasty as they come.

Popular among the hippy crowds in California during the late sixties, Maui Waui was an early high THC plant, desired for its potency and uplifting sativa high.  I place it in a category of what I like to call brain strains: sativas so erudite and sophisticated that they make you more capable.  I love to work on strains like this, since they pique your creativity, expand your imagination, and enhance your problem solving.  With no noticeable indica effects, strains like Maui Waui will drive your productivity and are exceptional daytime, mid-week highs.  However, it is just as appropriate a medication for your times of repose.


Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave. #221

Santa Ana, CA

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