Blackberry OG from Elevated Dreams concentrate review



I haven’t used my Cloud vape pen in some months, so I decided to drive to Santa Ana and grab some shatter to drop into it.  I threw my vape pen on the charger, so it would be ready when I got home.  Since Rite Greens closed its Santa Ana location, the best place in town to grab some perfect dabs is Elevated Dreams.  Forget those dark budders and honeycombs you see piled on each other at other dispensaries, here you can grab perfectly purged, honey-golden glass.  On top of what I feel to be some of the best quality around, Elevated Dreams also takes the time to put their concentrates on parchment paper, making sure that none of your donation is wasted stuck to the sides of plastic jars.  While their selection was extensive, I ended up deciding to go with some Blackberry OG by Gold Coast Extracts.  This is a Los Angeles collaboration that makes some of the purest, healthiest products in Orange County’s dispensaries.

Blackberry OG brings together Blackberry Kush and OG Kush.  This extract is a brown tourmaline color, translucent and glowing under any form of light.  Shatters like this tend not to be very fragrant, and it gives off very little scent.  However, the moment I lit the coil in my vape pen, the two dominant terpenes awaken, creating a pine and dark berry aroma that will fill the room.  The taste is light and the vapor thick and milky.

Blackberry Kush is a great late day pain relief medication, thanks in large part to the Afghani kush I find to be so effective in other strains I’ve reviewed.  It will want to distract you, and at its worst, will pull you down like quicksand into an unbreakable couchlock.  These negatives just tell you that the narcotic like pain management of the kush is doing its job.  The OG Kush, however, is mellow and spacy, bringing with it fantastic mood elevation.  Together, these genetics make Blackberry OG an all around feel good strain.  Headaches, arthritis pain, cramps, and chronic aches disappear.  If you are looking for late night stress relief, it can do that too.  Just beware of trying to make this a daytime medication.  Although it will add to your physical well being, it will make responsibility difficult and slow your pace to a crawl.

$60/ gram

Elevated Dreams Collective

413 W. 17th St. Suite 106

Santa Ana, CA

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