Golden Nugget from OCPC medical marijuana review



While sitting in traffic on the 405 leaving work this week, I decided to slip off at the 55 fwy and visit my favorite dispensary, OCPC.  I had just made a pick up a few days ago but was in the mood for a nice even hybrid to address both my stress and work fatigue from the hump day grind.  Listed as a hybrid, I was excited to get this strain home and see what it could do.  There wasn’t much information online about Golden Nugget, but a seed seller claimed it was a 50/50 mix of Jack Herer and an unknown indica mother.

Golden Nugget has cloudy amber crystals making its appearance to be golden tan.  Peeking through this is some dark green vegetation and deep, mulch brown hairs covering the digit sized buds.  Much like Gold Rush, this seems to be a very earthy strain.  The aroma is sweet wood and pepper, and the taste in the exhale is the same tune, spicy and resinous.

Balanced hybrids have helped over the years to add a new answer to the question: indica or sativa?  Why not both?  I love an indica for it’s pain management effects, but sometimes I’m left medicating and medicating without ever really “feeling” high.  Sativas give me the stoned, euphoric feel I need to control my depression and anxiety, but lack the body buzz that helps soothe my aching joints.  Golden Nugget seems to toe the line perfectly.  The high is a rich mixture of effects from both sides of the spectrum.  The high is at once relaxing.  The physical vibrations seem to light up the nerve ends and excite the body.  Pain slips away, and extremities feel loose.  Next the hazy cerebral high takes over, setting you to daydreaming and general staring off into the distance.  I most enjoyed this strain when smoked one evening down the shore watching the sunset, but it is equally in place as a wake and bake with your coffee or before the late night talk shows with your tea before bed.  On a tight budget, it’s nice to have a single medication that works for all your symptoms, and Golden Nugget will do just that.

$45/ eighth


1921 Carnegie Ave, 3H

Santa Ana, CA

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