Second Story dispensary review


After leaving an event at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts this past Friday, I decided to stop in at one of my regular spots off of E. Garry Ave, just south of the 55 fwy.  I wasn’t being conscious of the time, and when I walked up to the door, it was locked.  Dang.  I knew this area was full of dispensaries, and sure enough, all I had to do was walk down the hall to find another that was still open.  Located at 1820 E. Garry Ave, in suite 221, Second Story is in a hot spot of dispensaries that sit just south of the 55.  It is a convenient location, especially for those of us who live or work in south county.  This clump of dispensaries are the closest walk-ins to anything south of Irvine, and I find myself frequenting them quite often.

E. Garry is a row of office parks accessible near Red Hill by Alton or Dyer.  Park on the north side of 1820, and when you walk up the stairs, Second Story’s door is on the left.  There is no name plaque, but the number is clearly marked.  The glass partition is right in front of you when you walk inside.  First time customers can grab a clipboard with the FTP forms from the table to the right.  Because I was a first time patient, I was able to choose between a free edible or 1g of kief.  The waiting room is sparse, but there are a few chairs and they had a candle burning.  There was a tv hanging on the nicely painted walls, adding to the ambiance.

Once I filled out my paperwork, the wait was minimal before I was buzzed into the showroom, especially for a Friday night.  I was greeted immediately from behind the glass displays by my budtender.  The room was coolly lit, and there was a nice glow from the neon sign in the window.  The layout of the medicine was in the normal fashion: sativas on the left, indicas on the right.  The L of the case contains their concentrates.  Edibles and O.pen cartridges line the bottom shelves.

I found all their prices to be quite reasonable; many popular products, like Bhang Bars, Cheeba Chews, and O.pens, are below the retail prices of other dispensaries.  Their flowers are also well priced.  They had two nice looking sativa strains at $45, Pineapple Express and Maui Wowie, that I took home.  Prices drop from there in $5 increments down to $20.  With few exceptions, their flowers were well grown, well trimmed, and priced to sell.  I also appreciated that they didn’t jack around with the strains and their names.  Second Story is flush with classics: GDP, DJ Short Blueberry, Maui Wowie, Chemdawg, Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, and a Pre-98 Jack Herer that I am taking home with me next time.  I am a weed nerd, and I love smoking strains like this.  These plants have Cannabis Cup wins, have stories, have a following.  I’ll take all of them over a Duck Dynasty OG, any day.

I was surprised by Second Story.  I had seen their menus on weedmaps in the past, but counter-intuitively, I dismissed them for their low prices.  This was a mistake.  The quality of the experience, as well as the products, was far above what their prices suggest.

Second Story

1820 E. Garry Ave, #221

Santa Ana, CA

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