Sour Diesel from SC Greenz medical marijuana review



I don’t follow marijuana terminology popular with the cool folks, but I have heard the term “stress” to describe poorly grown buds.  I assume it is because plants that are poorly grown must fight harder to produce flowers and the grow conditions stress them.  However, unlike wine growers who purposely stress their vines to produce better grapes for fermentation, marijuana growers want their plants to be happy, producing big happy buds.

This batch of Sour Diesel from SC Greenz are not happy buds.  These are anxious, underperforming buds who need a hug and some positive encouragement.  The bud I brought home to sample was thin and stretched, with only small flowers growing in clumps on the stem.  The pistils are mostly a clear white, though there were some brown tipped ones scattered here and there.  The buds weren’t very well trimmed, and there were many unnecessary leaves left.  Overall, I’d say these buds were just picked too early.  They remind me of a harvest I grew on my back porch one summer in a planter.  I had to yank it a week or two early to save them from frost.  The buds are stringy and immature.  They do have a nice dusting of trichromes, but there is far too much chlorophyll left.  This harvest is a bit harsh to smoke.  It has a pungent fuel aroma, but the taste, after the green hit, is all burnt greens.

Sour Diesel offers a clear headed and uplifting high.  It seems to awaken your forehead and enlivens your thinking.  There is almost a caffeine buzz that fills your body, and it certainly isn’t meant to be used before bed.  This strain will make you want to get up and go.  I love a good doer strain, and this is one of them.  Perfect for a day downtown, exploring a zoo, taking a hike, or playing down the beach, Sour Diesel is a perfect activity companion.   Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with this harvest, I am a believer in Sour Diesel as a potent and effective medical strain.

$35/ 5g

SC Greenz

2433 S. Broadway

Santa Ana, Ca


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