Choice Treats Lazy Fruit medical edible review



As part of a FTP gift, I recently had one of Choice Treat’s gummi candies added to my donation.  I dug around in the jar they were stored in until I found “tropical” as a flavor.  The taste was sharply Caribbean, like a fruity island drink.  Compared to many gummi medibles, Lazy Fruit was not too sour and not too sugary.  It was actually enjoyable to eat, and being so large for only 50 mg of medicine, it is easy to tailor your dosing.

I used Choice Treat’s Lazy Fruit before getting a haircut and taking a walk around the lake downtown.  I took it about half an hour before leaving the house, and although I was chatty and lightheaded by the end of my trim, I didn’t feel the full effects of the edible until well over an hour after taking it.  As is usual for balanced edibles, the cerebral effects hit first, and by the time I was sitting on a bench downtown, I felt spacy and distracted.  There was a dreamy disconnect, and my eyes became red and irritated.  I had brought my computer to work, but I couldn’t focus on any single task and light created distracting visual effects.  Although Lazy Fruit kicks in slowly, it seemingly continued to build for a few hours before eventually breaking and rolling back.  It offered a layered and well balanced high, addressing both physical and psychosomatic issues.  When taken all at once, it left me couched and lazy, confirming the adequateness of the name.  However, at lower doses, I could see this acting a mild, all day medication.

Choice Treats Lazy Fruit: Tropical Flavor

$5 from SC Greenz


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