Grand Daddy Purp from SC Greenz medical marijuana review



Whether it is the Ken Estes original genotype or one of many subsequent knock-offs, Grand Daddy Purp is a highly prized indica strain for people who suffer from severe insomnia or pain at night.  One of the old school strains of the early days of Prop 215, GDP pops up quite frequently in area dispensaries, and it is often worth picking up along the way.

This particular harvest of Grand Daddy Purp is an oddly bright specimen.  Containing none of the trademark purple in the leaves and flowers, this phenotype showed only the topaz hairs and the emerald greenery that usually offset the deep purple of a high grade GDP.  The smell of this harvest is also a bit off-putting.  Instead of the sweet grape cotton candy smell, there is a pungent, rotten grape or berry aroma, like a walk through an orchard in late fall.  There is also an earthy sweetness known to Big Bud that thankfully evens out the otherwise acrid scent.  The buds dried out after even a few days, though they weren’t exactly pillows when I picked them up.  Overall, the look and feel of this bud is unimpressive.

The high too left something to be desired.  At $10 a gram, I didn’t expect top shelf effects.  However, it felt as if I couldn’t smoke enough to get the high I wanted.  GDP is largely felt in the body, as it is best known for helping pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite.  There is little to no cerebral effect, and I found it to be very one dimensional.  However, when looking for physical relief, without the intoxicating side effects, I would steer you toward an indica such as this.  Either way, I would still avoid this harvest of Grand Daddy Purp from SC Greenz.  Even at the price, it is just too little medication in too rough a package.

$50/ 5g

SC Greenz

2433 S. Broadway

Santa Ana, Ca

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