Trikom Treat brownie edible review



I see Trikom Treats at quite a few area dispensaries, and although I often get the 25mgs samples thrown in with my donation, I usually don’t think much of them and just pop them in my drawer at home or eat them on the spot.  Bite sized anything doesn’t last long around me.

On a recent trip to a new dispensary, a sample of Trikom Treat’s brownie worked it’s way into my bag, part of my first time patient deal.  As usual, I forgot all about it, and after a day down the shore, I stopped at a coffee shop to wait while traffic died down.  While digging for my laptop charger, I came across the sample and decided to pair it with my coffee.

Edibles are a tricky thing.  The first mistake this one made is topping it with walnuts: partly because I’m grumpy about nuts on my brownie and partly because it excludes people with very real tree nut allergies.  Second was the masking of the cannabis butter taste.  While I don’t mind the slight hint of marijuana in my edibles, this was too much.  The taste was almost bitter, and it made me glad I had my coffee to wash it down.

At only 25mgs of cannabinoids, its is difficult to judge what a full sized dose of this Trikom Treat would do for you.  I tried to refrain from medicating before or after using it.  The effects were minimal, but present.  The high is light as air, uplifting and calm.  I had few cares, and it was great for anxiety or depression, clearing them away, so I could get to work.  There wasn’t much in the body: a light reverberation on the skin, but nothing overwhelming.  In the end, it was on par with a bowl of pretty fine weed, but extended like edibles will be.

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