SC Greenz dispensary review


I picked SC Greenz in Santa Ana rather randomly the other day after browsing Weedmaps.  I was due in Costa Mesa, so I was looking for a dispensary on the west side of town.  I’ve been to some holes in the wall in the two years since I’ve become a medical marijuana patient.  However, SC Greenz comes very close to taking the prize.  My first clue this was going to be an experience was when I turned onto W. Central Ave, one of those forgotten industrial roads that has been left unrepaired for decades.  Turning onto S. Broadway, I passed by SC Greenz twice before realizing the entrance was the front door of an attached auto body repair shop.  I had to poke my head in the blacked out door to confirm what the printer paper sign said, that I was indeed in the right place.

I was greeted by an older woman behind the glass who told me I was in the right place.  After signing in with the usual FTP paperwork, I was invited back to the broom closet of a showroom.  The same woman who checked me in would be my budtender, not unusual for a small dispensary like this.  I told her I wished to split my eighth between two strains, and she began to pull out a series of indicas, which take up most of the menu.  I wasn’t impressed by any of them enough to make a distinct decision, though some were clearly better than others.  All looked poorly trimmed and unskillfully grown.  This did not diminish my budtender’s enthusiasm for each strain.  She pulled the strains out one by one, excitedly pointing out their qualities and urging me to pick them up in my hands and look at them under the light.  I’m never big on a lot of fingers touching my medication, and this put me off a bit.  She was disappointed I didn’t select their Sour Diesel, and insisted I take home a sample, which I did gladly, hoping it would change my mind.  SC Greenz also carries edibles and wax, neither of which drew my interest, as well as some hardware.

I desperately wanted to like SC Greenz.  I really did.  Location and appearance of the dispensary aside, both of which are excusable if the medication is right, I just wasn’t pleased with the strains themselves.  I’ve reviewed plenty of $10 grams before, but these were still high quality grows.  Out of the entire menu, only 2-3 jars were worth giving a second look.  I know I’m being a bud snob, but it’s literally my job.  My budtender was incredibly gracious, however, and wanted nothing more than for me to leave happy — with this, you can’t find fault.  She gave me several FTP gifts to encourage a return trip, and in all, she was the saving grace for the entire dispensary.

I don’t know if I’ll ever return to SC Greenz.  It wasn’t the location or the atmosphere, though neither were amazing.  And it certainly wasn’t my budtender, who I absolutely adored.  It was simply the medication.  In Santa Ana, the walk-in dispensary business is one of the most competitive in the state.  There are plenty of places to get a $10 gram in this town, SC Greenz needs to find a way to make us want to take our business there.

SC Greenz

2433 S. Broadway

Santa Ana, Ca

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