Super Cookie Haze from PSA medical marijuana review



I’m not one to make the case against interbreeding.  If a man and a woman find love in this crazy world and want to mix their genetics, that’s their business.  But it’s getting out of hand.  Super Cookie Haze brings together no less than a half dozen individual strains, all pushing and squirming their sensuous traits into the genetic makeup.  It’s a damn cannabis orgy.  And I’ll have nothing to do with it.

Except I will.  I will have much to do with it.  Because when you pick it up, you’ll find it hard to put down.  Super Silver Haze brings in a sharp, crystallized bud, darkened by the deep forest green and woody brown hairs of Girl Scout Cookies.  Super Silver Haze overpowers the scent as well, mostly a lemon cleaner aroma.  This is set off by the earthy pine and sweetness from the Durban and OG and a touch of fruit from the Cherry Kush.  The scent and flavor profile is as complex as its genetic makeup and produces an enjoyable medication experience.  It is a bit harsh, even in the green hit, but I wouldn’t count it out because of it.  It is just one of the quirks of the strains you’ll get used to experiencing.

For as dominating as the Super Silver Haze is in the look, taste, and feel, Girl Scout Cookies is all over this high.  There is a noticeable downward pull and surprisingly effective relief from pain and tension.  However, we can’t forget that this is a largely sativa dominant strain.  In addition to the lofty body buzz, there is an euphoric, happy, and creative high, comparable in ways to Blue Dream.  I was constructive but dreamy.  Good for individual work, don’t use this strain before a meeting or serious responsibility.  It is distracting, and when I wasn’t working, I found my mind wandering in and out of daydreams.  This strain is for creation, not implementation.  Keep a pen and paper close, so you can follow through with your plans later.

$50/ eighth


1536 E. Warner Ave. Suite B

Santa Ana, Ca

2 thoughts on “Super Cookie Haze from PSA medical marijuana review

  1. Hey just wanted to say that your reviews are thorough and explanatory of the flowers – a great idea to have in Orange County. Letting others know about what’s good is what I’ve been looking for. I would love to contribute if I could soon, it’s also important for me to have legit strains 🙂 hah alright take it easy, to whom it may concern.

    Thanks, Sergio


    • Thanks, Sergio. Being a one man operation, I don’t take contributions. However, I am always open to suggestions on strains or dispensaries to check out. Keep checking out the reviews.

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