Orange County’s Patient Care Dispensary Review


OCPC is located at 1921 Carnegie Ave, just south of the 55 fwy and accessible from Red Hill Ave.  The office park is on the right hand side of the road.  I always remember the entrance by the brick paving.  Drive back down the right side and OCPC is located about halfway down in office 3H.  Parking is reserved for many of the spaces and sometimes finding an open spot can be difficult during the week when the other offices are open.  Be respectful and don’t park in the spaces other businesses use.  This is how we get landlords to let our dispensaries stay.

Once inside, the receptionist window is just off to the left of the waiting room.  They keep a helpful dossier on each patient, so you only need your recommendation for the first visit.  After that, just bring your license.  They won’t take a temporary ID.  First time patients can expect the usual paperwork signing as well.  The waiting room is comfortable and compared to most dispensaries, pretty spacious.  There is ample seating and plenty to read.  Unless you knew it was a dispensary, you might not guess it.  When it looks they they are busy, I try to grab a seat on the long comfortable couch.  Otherwise, I just grab the seat nearest the showroom door.  The wait is never too long, except on Sundays when they do 5g eighths on your first two eighths all day long.  First time patients can expect the same deal for being FTPs, along with a goodie bag.

Once it is your turn, they call your name and bring you inside.  The staff is incredibly discreet and professional, as is the showroom floor.  The first question my budtender asks when greeting me is if I enjoyed everything I picked up last time.  I’m rarely disappointed by OCPC and probably wouldn’t say anything if I was.  However, it’s nice of them to ask.  If it is your first time there, you will get a quick tour of the showroom.  You will then be directed to one of their stations.  Here they keep small sample jars of each of their strains: indicas on one side, sativas and hybrids on the other.  Each jar has a couple nuggets that are representative of the strains as a whole.  Feel free to pick up the jars to scope them out and smell each strain’s aroma.  These budtenders know what they are talking about, so ask questions.  Once you have selected your flower, they send your ticket over to be filled from their bulk stock.  Don’t worry about getting a bait and switch.  I’ve never once not been pleased with the buds I’ve gotten, and because they aren’t constantly opening the jars, the medication is always fresh and fluffy.  Take this time to check out their concentrates or glass pieces or wander over to the edibles table like I do.  They have a great selection of chocolates, teas, gummis, and jollies.

Once you are finished, you can gather your weighed out medication and make your donation.  Most times they will toss in a pre-roll as well.  I find these largely useless, but my friend has a lower tolerance and loves them.  Finally, they will offer you a cold bottled water and ask if you have your punch card.  It is a nice frequent visitor program that will get you a punch for every visit’s donation of an eighth, except on Sundays.  After eight punches, you earn an eighth of top shelf shake.

Most of OCPC’s customers seem to come in from the surrounding businesses after work or during their break.  It is not unusual for there to be another customer in a tie besides myself.  The hours are limited at 11:00a – 8:00p, and this keeps away the younger crowd as well.  In my day job, it is critical that I keep a low profile and avoid questionable situations to maintain credibility.  Here I never have to worry, and I know I’ll be treated with professionalism.  The whole process feels rather like going to a health practitioner’s office, and why shouldn’t it?  We are accessing medication, after all.

I find myself returning to OCPC time and again.  Their medication is always of the highest quality, no matter the shelf, and the buds are fresh and finely trimmed.  The atmosphere is upscale, and the staff makes me feel welcome.  OCPC is full of small courtesies, but when added together, they make for a wonderful experience.

Orange County’s Patient Care (OCPC)

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca

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