Baked Lollipop medical marijuana edible review




I usually pass on medicated jolly ranchers or lollipops when I see them in dispensaries.  The taste is usually bitter, and they seem to eat at the inside of my cheeks.  However, when I’m given one to try for free with my donation.  Well… free is free.  Tossed in my bag as an afterthought, I nearly forgot about it until this afternoon.  It was heating up inside the house, so i reached in my drawer, grabbed it out, and headed for the beach.

The label is unmarked by a manufacturer’s logo, and if it didn’t say they contained 65 mgs of cannabinoids on the jar from where my budtender grabbed it, I never would have known.  The flavor she gave me was strawberry and lime.  I was expecting a tropical delight.  What I received was a one way ticket to diabetes town.  The first two ingredients were sugar and corn syrup.  This would explain the overwhelming candy sweetness.  There was also a buttery smooth follow from the cannabis butter listed in the third ingredient.  Candies seem to have the hardest time covering up the harsh cannabis flavor in edibles, and this product is no different, though it wasn’t from a lack of trying.

The high was relaxing and easy.  It is a huge product, and it took me well over an hour to consume it.  This helped ease in the high, rather than having it hit all at once.  While I wasn’t overly impressed by the outcome, it was certainly noticeable.  Someone with a lighter tolerance may be affected more.  There was a physical relief in the body high, and a slight pulsing with the heartbeat.  I felt drowsy, and my eyes were red.  I was just finishing it when the sun went down, and the visual effects were nice in the changing colors.  It seems to be a pretty rounded high, affecting both the mind and body and stimulating the senses.  The high wasn’t hazy at all, and I was able to stop and work on my trip back home at a local coffeeshop.

Overall, it was a fine medicating experience.  Edibles are a nice way to be discreet in public; though being a grown man with a lolly stick in my mouth is probably more obvious than using my vape pen.  Takes longer, tastes worse, and costs more than my pen, too.  Rather than spend the $10 price tag on this edible, I’d grab one of any number of comparable and better done choices PSA carries.  If not that, then buy a low shelf gram and just roll a blunt.

$10/ lollipop


1536 E. Warner Ave, Suite B

Santa Ana, Ca

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