Gold Rush from PSA medical marijuana review



This time out, we are reviewing Gold Rush picked up from PSA in Santa Ana.  PSA has a wide range of prices, from $60 down to the typical bottom of $35.  I settled in at the upper middle class donation of $50.  My budtender, always on point at PSA, pulled out a trio of really nice indica strains, and it was no simple matter to pick from among them.  Gold Rush stood out only for the size of its buds and the warm sunny day smell.  There is little written about this strain, but it most likely comes from Spliff Seeds mixture of their Polm Gold strain and an Afghani Kush.

Gold Rush is indeed the perfect name for this strain.  From a distance, you might not pick out anything aesthetically special.  However, when you bring it up to your eyes, you see the brilliantly glittering amber of the trichromes, along with the topaz brown pistles and bright greenery, making Gold Rush a ruddy, golden yellow nugget.  If the look of the buds makes you think of digging through the muddy hills to find your lode, then the scent will as well.  Musky earth and fresh cedar mix with a slight pepper tree spice.  It’s outdoorsy fragrance translates to an equally foresty taste.  If you could capture a walk in the California woods as a flavor, this would be pretty close to it.  The smoke was very smooth for an indica, and the ash held very little tar.  Gold Rush was a delightfully pleasant smoke.

As with any indica, Gold Rush works best for body pain, and the high has a relaxing effect in the shoulders and neck.  Perfect for migraines and stress headaches.  Appetite is induced as well, and it can help significantly in this point.  Gold Rush is also very mellow, similar to a sativa like Maui Waui, and this could signal a possible hybrid.  Despite this, when used over the length of the day, red eyes and drowsiness will set in, making this a fine sundown high.  It will help you to unwind and gain pain relief without putting you straight to sleep, as some indicas can.

$50/ eighth


1536 E. Warner Ave, Suite B

Santa Ana, Ca


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