Trinity OG from The Clinic medical marijuana review



I haven’t been to The Clinic in Santa Ana off the 55 fwy in quite some time.  It wasn’t that I had a bad experience: in fact, their budtenders have never steered me wrong.  I had just found more convenient dispensaries with the same or better quality medication.  However, the other day I was specifically looking for a handful of O-pen cartridges, and my other dispensaries were out.  I hopped on Weedmaps on my phone and searched for somewhere nearby that kept them in stock, and The Clinic was tops on the list.

I figured that, while I was there, the smart thing to do would be to grab my flower for the week as well.  Opting for my normal split eighth, I found a wonderful Queen Bee that I’ll be reviewing later this week.  Before I could even glance at other indicas, my budtender said, “For your indica, you’ll want Trinity.”  She took the jar out and screwed off the top.  Her confidence in the strain was encouraging, and I donated for it without a second glance at the rest of the shelf.

Trinity OG is a bit of a rarity.  It does not come around often here in SoCal, though it does make its cameo appearances.  The lineage is unconfirmed and not a lot of information could be found online.  It seems to be an indica dominant hybrid, but the ratio seems awfully slim.  On looks alone, you can see traits of indicas and sativas mixing in the appearance of the buds.  They are dark green with amber hairs and light green leaf bottoms, fluffy and soft.  Yet over all of this is a frosty white sheen that is reminiscent of sticky sativas.  It crumbled apart pretty easily when worked between my fingers, letting off a pungent earthiness.  It reminded me of a musky incense, like patchouli or nag champa.  Sweet when smoked, it seemed to have a warming scent.  The taste was equally sweet but grounded, like a nutty flavored coffee.

The earliest effects of the high are cheerful.  I found myself laughing out loud and smiling to myself.  It is an internal high, and I was quiet and thoughtful.  There was a comforting body high that eased away pain I’d been experiencing in my back this week from sitting too long at the computer.  At higher doses, the indica effects fully took over as I had expected they would, and I began to experience dry, droopy eyes and a stoned haziness to my head.  A nice combination of the body/mind effects of each of the parent strains, Trinity OG brings the best of both worlds.  I’ve touted middle of the road hybrids before based solely on the completeness of the high, and I feel that, although Trinity OG leans indica, it is a well-rounded medication for those who need to remedy a variety of symptoms.

$50/ eighth

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave. suite 130

Santa Ana, Ca

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