Miami White from OCPC medical marijuana review



A sativa dominant hybrid, Miami White is a synthesis of two very popular palm tree strains, Florida’s White Widow, and California’s own favorite OG Kush.  If you live in either of these warmer climates, you must be familiar with one of these strains by now; however, for those of you in need of some sunshine, Miami White might be just the strain for which you are searching.

The nuggets are a bit small, but hardly popcorn.  I’ve had white strains in the past from OCPC that were certainly frostier, but the aesthetics of this Miami White are gorgeous.  Fine, glittering trichromes dance between light green leaves and scattered brown pistils, a perfect juxtaposition.  The smell is like baking spices and citrus.  The OG Kush brings with it just a touch of lemon cleaner from the Chemdawg in its OG Kush lineage.  All this comes together with a taste reminiscent of Earl Grey tea: sweet and earthy and slightly acidic.  It’s quite enjoyable but can become harsh in the throat after extended medicating.  The ash was thick with tar, and it made for dense smoke.

Miami White is a typical sativa high, euphoric and heady.  I lost hours at a time, and there was a definite stoned edge to it.  My eyes drooped, and my concentration faltered.  For me, this was an internal high.  I was having a hard day, and it worked well as a distraction.  Changing my thought patterns and easing my mind, Miami White helped as an anti-depressant.  There was some body follow after the high peaked, but I don’t think I could classify this for any sort of pain relief.  Like most sativas, the effects are concentrated in the cognizance.


Orange County Patient’s Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. 3H

Santa Ana, Ca

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