Lamb’s Bread from One Love medical marijuana review



Lamb’s Bread, also known as Jamaican Lambsbread (one word), is a wonderfully uplifting sativa.  It was supposedly Bob Marley’s strain of choice, and if there is truth to that, it explains why he was captured beaming wide in so many photos.  It is an energetic strain that has long been grown in Jamaica, and like any self-respecting pure sativa, Lamb’s Bread is light and tacky to the touch.  This sample comes to us from One Love in Santa Ana.  This is a relatively new dispensary, but the strains and set up smack of a relationship with Rite Greens, a popular destination that is now delivery only in Santa Ana.

As a huge fan of sativas, I’ve been yearning to try this strain for some time.  Lamb’s Bread is normally a dark hunter green; however, One Love’s batch is so frosty, it comes across as a soft, pale green.  Bark and pine scents mix with an acidic, skunky after note.  I always pick strains by smell because it speaks to the way it will taste when I get it home, and Lamb’s Bread is no different.  The smoke is peculiar in that it is both light in the lungs but harsh in the throat.  I used a glass piece, and after several bowls, there was little fatigue in my medicating.  I feel like I could have smoked this strain continuously all day.

The high is superb: it hits immediately and is strong but mellow.  There is no paranoia, no edge, no too much.  Lamb’s Bread just picks you up and carries you along, elevated and unbothered.  Stress doesn’t melt away; it vanishes.  There is also a caffeine affect that destroys the lazy stoner stereotype.  Some people swear by this strain for relief from migraines.  I suffer from them much less often now than I had in the past and did not get a chance to test this quality.  However, there was a marked release of tension in my forehead and neck, something I experience from working on a computer all day.  If you suffer from any of the typical anxieties of this modern life we live, Lamb’s Bread will make a substantial difference in your mindset and outward attitude.  I always consider the desert island strain I would be willing to smoke day in and day out forever: Lamb’s Bread from One Love just made the short list.

Lamb’s Bread: $50/ eighth.

One Love

1651 E. Edinger, Suite 104

Santa Ana, Ca

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