Mandarin from OCPC medical marijuana review



The strain we review this time out is Mandarin coming to us from Orange Coast Patient Care (OCPC) in Santa Ana.  It is a strain of some questionable genetics.  OCPC has it listed as a hybrid, and it was recommended by my budtender as sativa dominant.  One look at the buds reaffirms this, with a loose moist structure that is a fluffy cloud to handle.  Mandarin is a light avocado green dotted with orange hairs regularly spread across the surface.  All this is fuzzy with trichromes.  Like a pure sativa, it breaks up chunky both in a grinder and by hand and was sticky to handle as I loaded my bowl.

The smell is sweet and warm, and there is a slight candied orange flavor that may bring its name.  It’s not overpowering or pungent.  Unlike most strains I find in SoCal, I can leave some out broken up without fear of smelling up a whole wing of the house.  When medicating it is much the same.  There is no extraneous odor, and the smoke is light.  The green hit is a bit harsh, but this subsides quickly.  As a whole, the smoking experience is, if not remarkable, completely satisfactory.

The high hit almost immediately.  For a mid-shelf, I was surprised by the quality.  It was cerebral, and when I wasn’t daydreaming, I was giggling to myself.  I had begun my morning on the wrong foot, and Mandarin made a real metamorphosis.  There is a warm vibration feeling across my skin, an effect that I lovingly refer to as butterfly hugs.  Lightheadedness began upon heavy medicating.  There is also some minimal pressure in the sinuses and red eye is a severe side effect.  However, the body effects are minimal: it is clearly a sativa that way.  The most noticed negative was forgetfulness, and I was easily distracted.  It took me three trips downstairs before I could successfully get a drink.  A smiley high, Mandarin is perfect for depression and all its symptoms, or even just a cloudy cool day in need of some sunshine.

Mandarin- $45 = 1/8

Orange County Patient Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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