Chem-Jack from One Love medical marijuana review



When it comes to legendary strains, you can’t get much more infamous than either Chemdawg or Jack Herer.  One Love in Santa Ana has grabbed a good one with this combination in Chem-Jack, and I literally ran in the door when I got home to get this beauty into my bowl.

The citrusy astringent fragrance well known in Chemdawg is all over this hybrid.  Underneath this is the sweet earthiness lent by the Jack. As soon as I put the jar to my nose, I could detect the blend of those familiar fragrances and my mouth began salvating.  The pale, almost white, green typical of Chem strains and the deep multitude of brown hairs recognized in Jack Herer are a perfect match.  These two strains have been seamlessly brought together, playing their best aspects against each other.  When I got it home and began breaking it up, it was chunky and sticky.  I love sativas, but they can be tricky to work with, and always break up thin.  A gram of this strain broken up will barely fill a blunt.

The smoke was amazingly light, and the distinction that is its taste lasts well beyond the green hit.  I absolutely adore the palate of Chem-Jack. The flavor alone makes this strain a must buy.  I’ve donated for a number of strains lately here in SoCal that have this unique earthy, piney, and citrusy mixture.  This might mark a swing away from a Blue Dream and Skywalker dominated marketplace, and it is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The effects of Chem-Jack are instantaneously energetic and productive.  Work related tension melts away as this particular strain promotes both complex thinking and a mellow mood: a real whistle while you work strain.  Forget hump-day, Chem-Jack will get you through the hopeless drag of Thursday, when your battery is already drained and the week isn’t nearly over.  A delightfully uplifting strain, I would recommend Chem-Jack for anyone fighting stress and anxiety or needing something to help carry them along through a protracted day.


One Love

1651 E. Edinger #104

Santa Ana, Ca

Super Lemon Haze wax from OCPC concentrate review



Reviewed before in a marvelous flower from one of my favorite shops, now closed, in Garden Grove,   Super Lemon Haze is a perfectly blended indica/sativa hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.  This time out, we are reviewing a wax medium of this person favorite strain from Orange County Patient Care in Santa Ana.

There isn’t much of the original sweet citrusy zest that you can taste when smoking Super Lemon Haze as a flower.  All thicker wax seems to have an aftertaste for me that takes away from the original essence.  Although it’s not as flavorful as a shatter or a nice green hit of flower, it’s still a light vape with slender hints of sweet citrus and cleaner.  Even out of my Cloud, it was fresh and expansive in the base of my lungs.  It’s not nearly as harsh as a darker wax would be.  This sample from OCPC is a bright brown, but it is visibly shiny with crystals.  It is a great working consistency, where at room temperature it can be handled by hand.  I easily pulled out pieces of this concentrate and rolled it into a small ball to load my vape without a hint of mess, yet it isn’t too dry to create a lush cloud of vapor.

The high off of Super Lemon Haze is well balanced between both sativa and indica effects.  There is a fine social quality to this strain, and even a practiced introvert like me was looking to chat up strangers.  There is a fun quality to SLH that I thoroughly enjoy.  It is a great for mood elevation, and joined with its pain relieving properties from its indica genetics, I could see this strain helping anyone getting over injury or chronic pain that is also experiencing depression as a side effect.

$25/ .5g

Orange Country Patient Care

1921 E. Carnegie, 3H

Santa Ana, Ca

Miami White from OCPC medical marijuana review



A sativa dominant hybrid, Miami White is a synthesis of two very popular palm tree strains, Florida’s White Widow, and California’s own favorite OG Kush.  If you live in either of these warmer climates, you must be familiar with one of these strains by now; however, for those of you in need of some sunshine, Miami White might be just the strain for which you are searching.

The nuggets are a bit small, but hardly popcorn.  I’ve had white strains in the past from OCPC that were certainly frostier, but the aesthetics of this Miami White are gorgeous.  Fine, glittering trichromes dance between light green leaves and scattered brown pistils, a perfect juxtaposition.  The smell is like baking spices and citrus.  The OG Kush brings with it just a touch of lemon cleaner from the Chemdawg in its OG Kush lineage.  All this comes together with a taste reminiscent of Earl Grey tea: sweet and earthy and slightly acidic.  It’s quite enjoyable but can become harsh in the throat after extended medicating.  The ash was thick with tar, and it made for dense smoke.

Miami White is a typical sativa high, euphoric and heady.  I lost hours at a time, and there was a definite stoned edge to it.  My eyes drooped, and my concentration faltered.  For me, this was an internal high.  I was having a hard day, and it worked well as a distraction.  Changing my thought patterns and easing my mind, Miami White helped as an anti-depressant.  There was some body follow after the high peaked, but I don’t think I could classify this for any sort of pain relief.  Like most sativas, the effects are concentrated in the cognizance.


Orange County Patient’s Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. 3H

Santa Ana, Ca

Philly Cheese Steak from Wax-R-Us medical marijuana review



The purity and genetics of OC dispensary strains have become more and more difficulty to deduce lately.  Often, new growers, hoping to make a name for themselves or their strains, will rename their hybrids with proprietary names- some stick, most don’t.  However, this masks the origins and ultimately the effects of the strains for which we donate.  This is the case with Philly Cheese Steak from Wax-R-Us.  Clearly a Cheese hybrid, it is most unfortunate that the genetics are largely unknown.  That said, even by sight and smell, it is clear we are dealing with Cheese and can therefore begin our experience there.

Great Britain has exported many great things to the states over the years: the Beatles, fish and chips, curry, and a love of teas.  Cheese, often called UK Cheese, was wildly popular in, you guessed it, the UK on either side of the millennium.  It comes to us here in America primarily in hybrids, and I rarely see Cheese as a pure strain in SoCal.

Always open for recommendations pointing me towards strains to review, I told my budtender I was looking for an indica and asked him to suggest his favorite.  He pulled out a few different jars, which didn’t speak to confidence in any one selection.  I like when I ask for the budtender’s favorite, and he grabs a single jar without missing a beat.  That’s confidence.  That’s love of a strain.  After nosing through a few indicas, Philly Cheese Steak stood out, both in smell and aesthetic.

The buds I donated for are perfectly fresh and moist, break up fluffy by hand, and smoke even.  This was a nicely grown strain.  It is marbled light and dark, and absolutely glitters under the LEDs.  It wasn’t overly sticky, which is nice when not using a grinder, though some trichromes and leaf material stuck to my fingertips.   The odor of the flower is musky sweet and pungent.  The name Cheese suits the strain well.  When smoked, it is light and grassy.  The sweetness of the green hit is an interesting spin on most marijuana tastes and is a chief reason that Cheese hybrids have taken off in California.

The high starts out euphoric and warm.  It works well at this stage for anxiety and stress relief, and it makes sense that many people mistake Cheese for a sativa.  Cheese is a hybrid itself and contains Skunk #1, a well-known sativa strain.  These are the most immediate affects you feel, yet when medicated in heavier doses, the indica really takes over.  The high becomes heavy and stoney, but don’t be surprised if you end up chatty and friendly as well.  There will be a narcotic body buzz and a heavy downward pull.  Used late in the day, Cheese can help hastily induce sleep.

Overall, my time spent with Philly Cheese Steak was pleasant.  It was a typical hefty indica, with a nice surprise in it’s more heady sativa effects.  Indica/sativa hybrids are popular with an extensive audience, and I am in agreement here, because they offer the largest variety of effects and make for a more rounded medicating experience.  I would recommend this strain, and most any Cheese strains, as a fine blended effect smoke.

$45/ eighth


1820 E. Garry Ave. #117

Santa Ana, Ca

Lamb’s Bread from One Love medical marijuana review



Lamb’s Bread, also known as Jamaican Lambsbread (one word), is a wonderfully uplifting sativa.  It was supposedly Bob Marley’s strain of choice, and if there is truth to that, it explains why he was captured beaming wide in so many photos.  It is an energetic strain that has long been grown in Jamaica, and like any self-respecting pure sativa, Lamb’s Bread is light and tacky to the touch.  This sample comes to us from One Love in Santa Ana.  This is a relatively new dispensary, but the strains and set up smack of a relationship with Rite Greens, a popular destination that is now delivery only in Santa Ana.

As a huge fan of sativas, I’ve been yearning to try this strain for some time.  Lamb’s Bread is normally a dark hunter green; however, One Love’s batch is so frosty, it comes across as a soft, pale green.  Bark and pine scents mix with an acidic, skunky after note.  I always pick strains by smell because it speaks to the way it will taste when I get it home, and Lamb’s Bread is no different.  The smoke is peculiar in that it is both light in the lungs but harsh in the throat.  I used a glass piece, and after several bowls, there was little fatigue in my medicating.  I feel like I could have smoked this strain continuously all day.

The high is superb: it hits immediately and is strong but mellow.  There is no paranoia, no edge, no too much.  Lamb’s Bread just picks you up and carries you along, elevated and unbothered.  Stress doesn’t melt away; it vanishes.  There is also a caffeine affect that destroys the lazy stoner stereotype.  Some people swear by this strain for relief from migraines.  I suffer from them much less often now than I had in the past and did not get a chance to test this quality.  However, there was a marked release of tension in my forehead and neck, something I experience from working on a computer all day.  If you suffer from any of the typical anxieties of this modern life we live, Lamb’s Bread will make a substantial difference in your mindset and outward attitude.  I always consider the desert island strain I would be willing to smoke day in and day out forever: Lamb’s Bread from One Love just made the short list.

Lamb’s Bread: $50/ eighth.

One Love

1651 E. Edinger, Suite 104

Santa Ana, Ca

Buddha’s Best Chocolate Lover’s Ecstasy edible review



Buddha’s Best claims to be the strongest edible on the market.  I’ve eaten 3X Bhang Bars and whole Cheeba Chews and various cookies, lemon bars, and brownies  in single sittings, so I see this very much as a challenge.  It is 4 doses, so eating half of it right off, I expected it to kick in quickly.  Although edibles take one hour to fully take effect, you will not peak for several hours.  I hadn’t eaten, so the effects began after about twenty minutes.  I was already a bit medicated, but when the edible slowly crept in, I noticed it.  I put on a movie and settled down in my chair.

The packaging only specified that it contained 200 mg of THC, so I wasn’t sure exactly what effects to expect.  Immediately I began to feel weight in my shoulders and legs.  There was lightheadedness that wasn’t overwhelming.  At first most of the high is in the body and is effective for both pain management and muscle relaxation.  This is followed by a dryness and droop in the eyes and eventual redness.  Edibles make me especially drowsy, and I make sure never to drive or need to be alert for quite some time when I use them.  The body effects are followed for me by chattiness and sociability.  My preferred edibles use 50/50 hybrids, so I can treat all my symptoms at once.  This seems to be the case with the Buddha’s Best.  However, unless clearly stated by the manufacturer, it’s impossible to tell.  About three hours in, a narcotic body buzz takes over.  After a long day working on my computer, my shoulders and wrists are aching to the bones.  Although the pain is still there, it’s been alleviated quicker and more thoroughly than with a pair of ibuprofen.  The high would eventually level out with a warm body buzz and some disconnect, which is nice after long hours put in at any job.  The high effects lasted over 5 hours, and by using only half the cookie, I was able to medicate again the next day.  For the price, you get four suggested doses lasting about 6 or so hours each.

The chocolate chip cookie is thick and doughy, and although there is an after taste of cannabis, the Ghirardelli chocolate chips and frosting more than mask most of it.  It is a damn good cookie, and regardless of whether or not I was medicating, I’d eat it just on taste.  Enjoyed with a cup of coffee or glass of milk, it is a perfect pairing.  It is made using all natural ingredients and, of course, cannabis butter, which I find to be less overwhelming than hash oil in edibles, so you should feel comfortable medicating daily with Buddha’s Best if needed.  As to whether it is the strongest edible on the market, they certainly have one of the highest mg of THC per dose numbers in the dispensaries.  Nevertheless, whether using small doses for daily ache or arthritis management or larger doses for more moderate pain, the Chocolate Lover’s Ecstasy will help you relieve your pain and offers a nice mood elevation to ease you through your recovery.

$12 per edible from One Love in Santa Ana.

Mandarin from OCPC medical marijuana review



The strain we review this time out is Mandarin coming to us from Orange Coast Patient Care (OCPC) in Santa Ana.  It is a strain of some questionable genetics.  OCPC has it listed as a hybrid, and it was recommended by my budtender as sativa dominant.  One look at the buds reaffirms this, with a loose moist structure that is a fluffy cloud to handle.  Mandarin is a light avocado green dotted with orange hairs regularly spread across the surface.  All this is fuzzy with trichromes.  Like a pure sativa, it breaks up chunky both in a grinder and by hand and was sticky to handle as I loaded my bowl.

The smell is sweet and warm, and there is a slight candied orange flavor that may bring its name.  It’s not overpowering or pungent.  Unlike most strains I find in SoCal, I can leave some out broken up without fear of smelling up a whole wing of the house.  When medicating it is much the same.  There is no extraneous odor, and the smoke is light.  The green hit is a bit harsh, but this subsides quickly.  As a whole, the smoking experience is, if not remarkable, completely satisfactory.

The high hit almost immediately.  For a mid-shelf, I was surprised by the quality.  It was cerebral, and when I wasn’t daydreaming, I was giggling to myself.  I had begun my morning on the wrong foot, and Mandarin made a real metamorphosis.  There is a warm vibration feeling across my skin, an effect that I lovingly refer to as butterfly hugs.  Lightheadedness began upon heavy medicating.  There is also some minimal pressure in the sinuses and red eye is a severe side effect.  However, the body effects are minimal: it is clearly a sativa that way.  The most noticed negative was forgetfulness, and I was easily distracted.  It took me three trips downstairs before I could successfully get a drink.  A smiley high, Mandarin is perfect for depression and all its symptoms, or even just a cloudy cool day in need of some sunshine.

Mandarin- $45 = 1/8

Orange County Patient Care

1921 Carnegie Ave. Suite 3H

Santa Ana, Ca 92705